1818 Death Notices in The Reporter

Just one note – if you have never been to Locust Grove, in Louisville, home of Major William Croghan, who married George Rogers Clark’s sister, Lucy Rogers, it is definitely worth the trip!  The house is a wonderful example of an early Kentucky home.  The 18th Century Market Fair held at the end of October each year is great fun for young and old – and there are many other adventures throughout the year.  George Rogers Clark spent his last years there after suffering a stroke in 1809.

List taken from The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Vols. 39-41

  • James Carson, died January 12, 1818.
  • Captain Mann Satterwhite, of Fayette County, died Friday morning, January 16, 1816.
  • Hugh Crawford, drowned while attempting to cross a mill pond, Saturday, January 17, 1818.
  • Thomas Burling, a printer of the Reporter, Lexington, died February 3, 1818, leaving a wife and child. He was a native of New York.

Scan143Died at Locust Grove, in Jefferson County, Kentucky, on the 18th instant General George Rogers Clark, a distinguished revolutionary hero, and remarkable for the ability and perseverance he displayed, and the hardships and sufferings he endured, in the early wars of the western country.  in military skill and daring intrepidity, no man ever surpassed:  his zeal and devotion to his county’s interest and welfare were preeminent:  and it were impossible for that country to discharge, by word or action, the debt of gratitude she owes for the invaluable and splendid services he rendered, the immense sacrifices he made, in support of her rights, liberties and independence.  From The Kentucky Gazette, Fayette County, Kentucky, February 21, 1818.

  • General George Rogers Clark, of Locust Grove, died Friday, February 13, 1818, aged 66 years.
  • John Williams, of Woodford County, was killed by his son, Milton Williams, March 13, 1818. He was almost 60 years of age.
  • George G. Ross, of Lexington, died Wednesday, April 15, 1818, aged 31 years.
  • Christopher Greenup, of Frankfort, died Monday, April 20, 1818, aged 69 years.
  • Eliza Pope, consort of John Pope, of Frankfort, Secretary of State, died April 24, 1818.
  • General Thomas Posey died at Shawneetown, March 20, 1818.
  • Captain Robert Megowan, of the late firm Buck, Bradford and Megowan, Lexington, died Wednesday, May 13, 1818.
  • Lydia Allen, wife of John Allen, of Fayette County, died in May, 1818.
  • William Carson, of Lexington, died in May, 1818.
  • Julian Misner, of Lexington, died in May, 1818.
  • Jane Shields, of Lexington, died in May, 1818.
  • Louisa Bain, of Lexington, died in May, 1818.
  • Charles McIntire, of Russellville, Kentucky, died in New Orleans, May 24, 1818.
  • Elisha Warfield, of Fayette County, died Thursday morning, July 16, 1818, aged 78 years. He was a native of Maryland.
  • James Ragland, Sr., of Clark County, died July 18, 1818, aged 75 years. He had been a resident of Clark since 1788.
  • Ann Hart, relict of the Captain J. G. S. Hart, of Lexington, died in Philadelphia, July 10, 1818.
  • Fanny D. Berry, daughter of Major Herman Bowman, of Woodford County, and consort of Dr. R. B. Berry, died at her Fayette County residence Saturday, August 1, 1818, aged 17 years.
  • Henry P. Smith, attorney-at-law, Harrodsburg, and son of Jesse Smith of Mercer County, died August 8, 1818.
  • Richard Davenport, of Danville, died in August, 1818.
  • James Hughes, of Frankfort, died at Blue Licks, in August, 1818.
  • William Neely, of Jefferson County, Mississippi, died in Winchester, Kentucky, August 27, 1818. He married Mrs. Irvine, widow of Dr. Irvine, who was killed at the River Raisin.
  • William Wallace, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Paris, died Thursday, September 10, 1818, aged 33 years.
  • Francis Drake, of Lexington, died Friday, September 11, 1818, aged 50 years.
  • John Prentiss, Sr., died Saturday, September 12, 1818, aged 75 years.
  • Louisa C. Keets died in Washington County, near Springfield, in October, 1818.
  • Mary Thompson, consort of Major George C. Thompson, of Mercer County, died November 10, 1818.
  • William Flower, son of Richard Flower, of Lexington, died in November, 1818, aged 21 years. He was an English emigrant.
  • Robert Rodes, of Madison County, died November 20, 1818, aged 59 years.

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