Happy Independence Day!

IMG_9938Captain John Hancock Linton – died December 4, 1836, in the 86th year of his age.  Linton Family Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky. 

I am reading Joseph J. Ellis’ American Sphinx – The Character of Thomas Jefferson.  Not particularly since it is Independence Day, but because I find Thomas Jefferson to be one of the most interesting of our Founding Fathers.  But even reading about all the good that he did for our country to become the United States of America, I think we should all remember – in addition to those revolutionaries known by the entire world – the ones that we hold dear in our hearts – our ancestors who fought during the Revolutionary War, and played just as big a part in the battle as the others.

My fourth/fifth great-grandfather, Captain John Hancock Linton, fought with the Loudoun County Militia in Virginia.  Militias were ordinary, every-day citizens who fought for their country.  Since they were not trained, professional soldiers they often did not see fighting at the beginning of the war, but later were used as to reinforce the regular troops.  Most stints for the militia were for three months, but could be stretched to a year or more – or called back into service at a later date.

Many think the revolution was so very long ago, but in looking at the age of the earth and everything that has happened since the beginning of time, it is just a blink of an historical eye.  Let us not take for granted what we fought for – ‘life, liberty,  and the pursuit of happiness’ – justice, equality for all.  Although the word ‘responsibilities’ was left out of the original document, I feel that it is a word very important to the situation in those days, as well as today.  We must all be responsible citizens –  for ourselves, as well as our country.  We must strive to be the best that we can be, not only for what matters in our lives, but what will matter in the future for our descendants.  Stand up for what is good and right, give help when needed, protect our earth and leave a better world for those that come after us.  The heart of the revolution continues.

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  1. Where is the Linton family cemetery located in Washinton county? Family members on my mother’s side are buried at Pleasant Grove in Washington County. Her father was a descendent of the Leachman/Browne families and her mother from the Walker/Taylor families.

  2. Amen…

    Happy Independense day to you and yours!


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