Marriage Records

Lincoln County Marriages

Frederick Mouser married Betsy Donar 25 Jun 1797
William Mudd married Artemesia Hocker 19 Apr 1825
Albert G. Mullins married Lucinda Blackerby 02 Feb 1828
William E. Mumford married Ermine E. Ball 23 Aug 1832
William Mumford married Polly Patton 25 Oct 1803
William Mumony married Susanna Linn 10 Sep 1783
James Muny married Fanny Burch 20 May 1802
William T. Murphy married Polly Ann Leach 05 Sep 1850
John Logan Murphy married Eliza Jane Lynn 07 Dec 1846
William I. Murphy married Betsey D. Gooch 10 Dec 1804
Cornelius Murphy married Priscilla Leach 10 Mar 1818
John Murphy married Polly Yarbrough 14 Jul 1795
John Murphy married Susanna Dean 16 Oct 1815
William Murphy married Nancy J. King 24 Nov 1834
John S. Murphy married Paulina C. Myers 26 Jan 1846
William Murphy married Elizabeth Singleton 28 Jul 1837
Milton Murphy married Louisa Christopher 28 Jul 1840
Thomas Murrell married Rachel Holt 14 May 1796
John Murrell married Sally Shackleford 17 Sep 1821
Samuel Murrell married Letitia Hays 18 Nov 1823
George Murrell married Lucinda Blain 23 Oct 1809
Edward Murrey married Sarah Moore 19 Dec 1837
Michael Murvin married Jenny Cathy 22 Apr 1792

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