McHenry Family Buried At Evergreen Cemetery

IMG_2573McHenry Gravestone, Evergreen Cemetery, Campbell County, Kentucky

Evergreen Cemetery is a very large, very beautiful cemetery in northern Campbell County, Kentucky.  I was amazed when we arrived and saw just how many were buried there!  Naturally I start with the older stones and in a section filled with many immigrants – especially German, French and English – I found the gravestone for the John McHenry family.

According to census records John McHenry was born in Virginia, as were his parents.  He married Martha Trethone, as listed on two of their sons death certificates.

The 1860 Census of Campbell County is the first chance to meet John and Martha.  They are listed as 44 and 40 years of age, respectively.  John is a ship’s carpenter – how interesting!  He must have been a very hard worker.  Four children are listed in this census – William, 10; Frank, 6; Ada, 4 and Henry, 2.  From this we find that Martha and her parents were born in England – so she is a first generation immigrant.

The birth certificate I mentioned is for daughter Ada Virginia McHenry, who was born May 24, 1856.  It was the only birth record I found.

In 1880 the couple are still living in Campbell County, in the Newport area.  John, 69, still works as a carpenter, and Martha is 61.  Son William, 30, is an engineer; daughter Ada, 24, is at home; and son George, 20, is a wood worker.  Sons Frank and Henry are not listed in this census, but I know that Henry is living in 1900.  That is a mystery.

IMG_2575Children of John and Martha McHenry, Charles Edward, died September 7, 1849, aged 1 year and 3 months.  John Ross, died May 14, 1852, aged 6 years and 2 months.  Ida Ellen, died August 7, 1853, aged 6 years and 4 months.

John and Martha suffered the loss of three young children – Charles, John and Ida – their first three children.  What sorrow that must have been for the young couple.  The children listed in the census records were born after Ida Ellen died.

IMG_2574John McHenry, born November 9, 1810, died September 7, 1901.  At rest.  Martha, beloved wife of John McHenry, died January 1, 1887, aged 67 years, 9 months.  ‘Thy children arise up and call her blessed.  Thy husband also and he praises her.’

Martha passed away January 1, 1887, aged 67 years.  John lived on another fourteen years.  In the 1900 Census of Campbell County he is living with son Henry (I told you he wasn’t dead in 1880!).  Henry was 42, born in May 1858, has been married for 22 years and was born in Kentucky.  His wife, Mary E., is 41, born in June 1858, has given birth to two children with one still living.  She was born in Ohio and both parents were born in Germany.  Their daughter, Ida E., named for Henry’s sister who died in 1853, before he was born, was 19.  And John, Henry’s father, was 89, born November 1810, and was a widower.

And we have come to the end of another family story.  How I enjoy putting the lives back together so we can remember them and learn a little about their lives!

Any thoughts?

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