Marriage Records

July 30th – Happy Wedding Day!

Mercer Cty., KY Abraham Lucas married Mary Evans 30 Jul 1792
Mercer Cty., KY Daniel Curd married Jenny Curd 30 Jul 1795
Mercer Cty., KY Peter Brients married Priscilla Pitman 30 Jul 1795
Mercer Cty., KY James Downey married Mary Riley 30 Jul 1805
Mercer Cty., KY John Duncan married Elizabeth Neff 30 Jul 1807
Mercer Cty., KY Ellis Stone married Peggy Denny 30 Jul 1810
Washington Cty., KY John Wheeler married Mary Ann Thompson 30 Jul 1814
Washington Cty., KY John Lynch married Nancy Buckler 30 Jul 1830
Lincoln Cty., KY William Parks married Susanna Parks 30 Jul 1831
Washington Cty., KY Samuel Daniel Cunningham married Sarah Lewis 30 Jul 1833
Washington Cty., KY James Sutton married Susan M. House 30 Jul 1841
Washington Cty., KY James Yates married Matilda A. Awberry 30 Jul 1850
Washington Cty., KY James T. Wells married Eliza Ann Darnell 30 Jul 1885
Washington Cty., KY Martin Mullican married Mattie Weathers 30 Jul 1889

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