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Amish Gentleman From Indiana

Scan182 1Today I share with you a wonderful photo of an old gentleman, his beard shaped much like the Amish wear.  His look is very gentle and kind.  His white hair tells us he is at least in his seventies, possibly older – sometimes it is hard to tell!  His suit coat is from the 1870’s, possibly a little earlier.

Our photo was taken by S. S. Hull, from Attica, Indiana.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing the photograph. I wonder if he is Amish, though. I see a white shirt under the beard and a colorful tie of some sort. I have early families in the Fountain County area. I wonder if he belongs to any of my families?

  2. It is highly unlikely that he is Amish. The Amish don’t allow their pictures to be taken. They believe to do so is the same as a graven image or idol. It might be that he could have been Quaker. There is still a Quaker meeting house to this day not far from Attica. However it could also have simply been his personal style. I have pictures of my 2nd Great Grandfather from about that same time period. He had a beard also. I have heard that if a man wore a beard that it was a sign he was married.

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