St. Rose Catholic Church Cemetery – Selected Gravestones

205Today I share selected gravestones from the cemetery of St. Rose Catholic Church in Washington County, Kentucky.  This was my mother’s home parish until she married and moved to Marion County, Kentucky.

IMG_5794J. W. Montgomery, wife and children.  J. W. Montgomery died April 24, 1881, aged 57 years.  Burilla, his wife, died July 14, 1874, aged 48 years.  Benedict, his son, died March 10, 1872, age 17 years.  Joseph H., his son, died November 23, 1879, aged 25 years.  Charles H., his son, died November 1, 1881, age 16 years.

IMG_5796Mary D. Blandford, born July 4, 1809, died March 17, 1881.

IMG_5797Joseph Blandford, born April 7, 1805, died April 18, 1877.

IMG_5798Mary E., wife of E. P. Osbourn, born December 22, 1842, died Mary 21, 1880.

IMG_5807Sarah F., wife of J. Sullivan, born October 1, 1842, died May 20, 1876.

IMG_5808Levi J. Smith, died January 6, 1872.  His wife, Priscilla L., died July 9, 1887, in her 71st year.  His mother, Teresa Smith, died October 21, 1840, in her 83rd year.  Ann M. smith, died October 9, 1847, in her 27th year.  Rosalina Smith, died June 1847, in her 2nd year.

IMG_5810Pamelia A. Smith died May 28, 1832, in her 23rd year.  Ann C. Smith, died May 4, 1832, in her 1st year.  Rosa B. Smith, died October 16, 1842, in her 32nd year.  Teresa R. Smith, died February 23, 1841, in her 2nd year.  Edward B. Smith, died October 2, 1842, in his 2nd year.  Priscilla F., wife of Charles C. McGill, June 15, 1858 – August 16, 1894.

IMG_5811Sacred to the memory of Susan M., wife of Henry I. Craycroft, born September 1, 1834, died July 18, 1863.  Levi X. Craycroft, born September 18, 1854, died December 15, 1854.  Ida R. Craycroft, born July 30, 1856, died October 9, 1862.  Charles L. Craycroft, born July 16, 1839, died October 21, 1862.

IMG_5812Ann C. Smith, died November 19, 1862, aged 26 years.  John L. Smith.

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  1. Beautiful old headstones. Are there any Spalding people buried there? Before 1843. I am especially interested in finding the location of the grave of George M. Spalding, who probably died about 1842. Thanks for any help. Viettia Newcomb

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