Selected Gravestones From Evergreen Cemetery in Campbell County

DSC00088The beautiful cemetery known as Evergreen is located at 25 Alexandria Pike in Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky.  It was begun in the 1840’s when this was a rural area.  The above photo is the chapel and offices.

DSC00089Daniel Mayo and Mary Putnam Mayo Gravestone

DSC00092Daniel Mayo, born in Roxbury, Massachuestts, September 30, 1762, died December 25, 1838.

DSC00094Mary Putnam Mayo, born in Brooklyn, Connecticut, August 5, 1773, died July 22, 1838.

DSC00108Hier ruhet Margaretha gattin von R. Schweikert, geboren 4 Nov. 1819, gestorben 13 Juni 1892.  Here rests Margaretha, wife of R. Schweikert, born November 4, 1819, died June 13, 1892.

IMG_2488Heir ruhet Maria Heidrich, Geb. 14 Juni 1822, in Steinthaleben Furstenthum Schwarzburg, Rudelstadt, Gest. 11 Jan. 1887.  Here rests Maria Heidrich, born June 14, 1822, in a small historic state of Thuringen, Germany, with its capital at Rudelstadt.  Died January 11, 1887.

Hier Ruhet Theodore Heidrich, Geb. 13 Oct. 1818, in Steinthaleben Furstenthum Schwarzburg, Rudelstadt.  Gest. 12 Aug. 1866.

IMG_2533Louire Zinsmeister, born 26 June 1858, died 6 August 1882.

IMG_2636Samuel and Catherine Washington, born and married in Virginia, died in Ohio.  Samuel in 1867, Catherine in 1869.

IMG_2676Hier ruhet Johann C. Dumler, Geb. 13 Juni 1815.  Zu Dietersberg Sulzbach, Bayern, Gest. 31 Aug. 1881.

IMG_2705William B. Howe, 1834-1907.  Rhoda M. Howe, 1862-1906.

I hope you have enjoyed this short tour of Evergreen Cemetery.

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