Tidbits From The Central Record – 1910

from The Central Record, Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky

Friday, April 8, 1910

Miss Tilda Debord and Mr. Terrill Anderson, of Nins, were united in marriage by Rev. O. P. Bush at his home, on Tuesday afternoon.  They are both popular in their neighborhood and are wished a long and happy life.


The many friends of Mrs. J. H. White, of Paint Lick, will be glad to hear that she has recovered from a very serious operation performed at the Nashville Sanitarium, Nashville, Tennessee.  The physicians removed a tumor weighing 38 pounds.  She is recovering from the ordeal as fast as could be expected and unless something unexpected happens will be at home with her family in a few weeks.

Birth and Death

On Tuesday night a daughter was born to Mrs. John M. Mount, and the little life returned to God who gave it, in the brief period of thirty minutes.  On Wednesday the little body was buried in the Stanford Cemetery.

Why this ray of Heavenly light was so soon withdrawn, leaving darkness and gloom in the happy home, is beyond human reason; but it proves that death deals alike in all ages and conditions of life.  The Record joins the community in extending sincere condolence to the bereaved parents.

County High School

The Garrard County High School will be conducted next year in connection with the Lancaster Graded School.  All pupils who do not reside in the Lancaster district on completing the common school course and passing the required examination will be entitled to free tuition in this high school.  The county board will pay the Graded School fifty dollars per annum, tuition, for each high school pupil attending.


Mr. S. D. Perrin died of tuberculosis at the home of his father-in-law, Mr. Jerry Bland, on Dix River, Tuesday morning and was buried in the Lancaster Cemetery Wednesday.

Deceased was a highly honorable and respected citizen and had many friends who deeply regret his death.  He leaves a wife and one brother, Joe Perrin, of Anderson, Indiana, who have the sympathy of the community.


Mr. James A. Beazley received a telegram Saturday announcing the death of his sister, Mrs. Pattie Beazley Hays, at her home in Kansas City.  Mrs. Hays is survived by a daughter, her husband having died while she lived in Stanford.  Besides one child, her mother, Mrs. Mildred Beazley and brother, James Beazley, of this place, Mrs. William Hays and brothers, Messrs. Allen, Jack and Roy Beazley, of Stanford, and Mrs. Dr. W. S. Beazley, of California, mourn her death.  The remains will be brought here to her old home and interred in the Lancaster cemetery by the side of her father, Mr. Allen Beazley, a most highly esteemed citizen at one time of Garrard.


Miss Dora Kidd and Mr. John Tankersley, of Upper Garrard, were married on Saturday at the Presbyterian parsonage, Rev. C. C. Brown officiating.  Both bride and groom live near the Old Paint Lick Church.  The happy young couple were attended only by their respective parents.  Mr. Tankersley is an industrious farmer.

Horrible Death

Great excitement prevailed in and about this city on last Sunday morning when the news became circulated that Garrett Wood had been killed by a vicious Jersey bull and his body mashed and mangled, with almost every bone broken and his face crushed almost beyond recognition.

Mr. Wood was living on the John K. West farm near the Lexington Pike, about four miles from town, where this horrible accident occurred.  He had notified his family about seven o’clock in the morning that he was going out to look after some cattle and not returning as early as expected, about nine o’clock the family became uneasy and made a search for him and found the dead body only a short distance from the home.  At the coroner’s inquest a verdict was rendered, that he came to his death by injuries received by the goring of a bull.

A large crowd gathered about the home, and the animal still showing his vicious traits was killed by order of the family.

Garrett Wood was one of the most industrious and substantial citizens of the county and his untimely taking is deeply regretted by all who knew him.

Deceased was about fifty years old and leaves a widow and seven children, among them, Mrs. Albert Dyehouse and Will Wood, of this place; Clinton Wood, of New Mexico and Charles Wood, of Cincinnati.  Mrs. Norris who formerly lived here but now resides in Danville, is his sister.

He was a member of the I.O.O.F. lodge, that order holding service at the grave Tuesday morning.

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