Old Photos

Photo From Austin, Minnesota

scan221I have a photo of a lovely young woman from Austin, Minnesota, to share with you today.  She has particularly beautiful eyes and lips!  With the side view it’s easier to see her hair style.  A bead necklace and tiny earrings add to the beauty of her black, lace-trimmed dress.  With just a head and shoulders shot, we don’t see as much of her dress.  But if I had to date this photo I would say 1890’s.

scan222The back of the photo is very interesting!  Instead of an engraving of the photographer’s studio, it is the Mower County Court House!  E. H. Austin is listed as the leading photographer, on the corner of Main and Mill Streets, over Pooler’s Drug Store in Austin, Minnesota.  In the directory of Minnesota photographers Mr. Austin worked in Austin 1894-1895.

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