Old Couple From Crawfordsville, Indiana

scan027I’m sharing with you today two photos that were framed together when I purchased them.  I feel they must be husband and wife.  As you can tell they are older, past the prime of their life, but the photos are very special.

The gentleman above wears what looks like an Amish beard.  Or perhaps that was the style at this time and place.  Deep wrinkles are etched in his brow.  How I would love to know his name and story!

scan028-1The Mrs. is quite beautiful, even in her older years – smooth cheeks with just a few wrinkles around the mouth and on her forehead.  Look closely to see the pattern in the material of her dress – the white lace at her throat sets it off perfectly.

The photos were taken by Lawson, Superior Finish, Crawfordsville, Indiana.  Crawfordsville is a small town of about 16,000 people.  It seems during the 1870’s, when these photos were probably taken, there were several photographers in town!

4 thoughts on “Old Couple From Crawfordsville, Indiana”

  1. Do they look like the Hillman family? The husband resembles an older Abe Lincoln, does anyone else see the similarities?

  2. I wonder if they are related to the Dunns who donated to the college at its beginning and one of the Dunn sisters who are buried at the college. There is a little graveyard there. They have a history there.

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