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Jonathan Wright Revolutionary War Pension Application

As you know, I cannot resist a mention of Loudoun County, Virginia – someone who may have known Captain John Linton when he lived there!  There is also the mention of Lewis brothers, Isaac and Jacob, who also lived there.  Captain John Linton’s sister married a Lewis.

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky, by Orval W. Baylor, 1930’s

Jonathan Wright, Hannah Wright – W. 11803 Virginia

Shelby County, Kentucky, September 12, 1833.

Affidavit of Isaac Lewis, age 73, and Jacob Lewis, age 67, made in Shelby County, Kentucky, who state that they used to live in Loudoun County, Virginia, a near neighbor to his [Jonathan Wright] father.  They were all boys together.  They have no doubt but that he did serve as a soldier, knowing that he was away from home and are well satisfied that he enlisted in the spring of 1782.

Washington County, Kentucky, October 29, 1833.

Personally appeared Jonathan Wright, age 70, states that he was born in Prince George County, Maryland, August 12, 1762, as copied from his father’s registrar, that he was drafted in the county of Loudoun, state of Virginia, May, 1781, in the Virginia Militia under Captain John Henry Newman.  Marks Lt. at John Moore’s Tavern in said county.  We marched from there to Fredericksburg, having served three months was discharged in the spring of 1782.  I volunteered in Captain James Linville’s Company.  He said he could prove his services by Isaac and Jacob Lewis of Shelby County, Kentucky.  States that he moved to Washington County, Kentucky, where he now lives in 1815.

Hannah Wright, his widow, made application for pension in Washington County, Kentucky, 1846, age 81, states that she was married to him July 22, 1783, in Fauquier County, Virginia, by Parson Thompson and that her husband died 27th day of January 1845.  States that she has records of her children in a book which her brother John Lewis wrote in about 30 years previous.

Records as Follows:

  • Warren Wright, born July 26, 1784
  • Laben Wright, born October 27, 1786
  • Fendley Wright, born April 9, 1789
  • Sally Wright, born December 1, 1791
  • Elizabeth Wright, born April 4, 1794
  • Nancy Wright, born July 2, 1796
  • Kitty Wright, born August 20, 1799

Deposition of Kitty (Wright) Dunn, made in Washington County, Kentucky, 1846, states that she is the daughter of Jonathan Wright and wife.

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  1. My Thompson family is very similar to how your family migrated – Prince George’s County, MD to Loudoun County, VA to Kentucky.

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