Valentine’s Day – A Day For Love and Marriage

How appropriate for Valentine’s Day – marriages from February 14th!  Enjoy the day with those you love.

Lincoln John Martin married Mary Means 14 Feb 1784
Nelson Caleb Hazel married Mrs. Elizabeth Hall 14 Feb 1785
Lincoln Robert McDonald married Phebe Wells 14 Feb 1785
Mercer James Wheatley married Eleanor Allen 14 Feb 1788
Mercer Benjamin Duncan married Mary Bennett 14 Feb 1789
Jefferson Davis Floyd  married Susanna Lewis 14 Feb 1794
Mercer Samuel Divine married Mary Hale 14 Feb 1795
Jefferson John Potts married Mary Price 14 Feb 1796
Jefferson Josiah Bell married Fanny Jeater 14 Feb 1796
Washington Hugh Dyer married Nancy Husk 14 Feb 1797
Nelson James Holtsclaw married Betsy Osburn 14 Feb 1797
Lincoln Abner Key married Nancy Robertson 14 Feb 1798
Garrard James Scott married Polly Crutchfield 14 Feb 1798
Mercer John Combs married Polly Adams 14 Feb 1798
Nelson Samuel Lee married Ann Rapier 14 Feb 1798
Mercer William H. Taylor married Susanna Parsons 14 Feb 1798
Nelson Azeriah Davis married Eve Ricketts 14 Feb 1799
Fleming Gabriel Builderback married Rachel Ferguson 14 Feb 1799
Nelson Moses Freeman married Hannah Spilman 14 Feb 1799
Nelson Valentine King married Catherine Harris 14 Feb 1799
Nelson William Harrison married Lettice Greer 14 Feb 1799
Green Elisha Turpin married Mary Bayless 14 Feb 1800
Green Reuben Layman married Elizabeth Hiestand 14 Feb 1800
Washington John Lewis married Polly Grimes 14 Feb 1802
Washington Aquilla Blandford married Anne Carrico 14 Feb 1804
Washington James Hays married Letitia Bryan 14 Feb 1804
Washington William Morgan married Catherine Curtsinger 14 Feb 1805
Mercer William Hoskins married Polly Smyth 14 Feb 1807
Mercer Benjamin Hodges married Jenny McCombs 14 Feb 1809
Washington Peter Hite married Polly Clements 14 Feb 1809
Washington Winstill D. Wheelock married Nancy Waters 14 Feb 1818
Washington Samuel Smith married Jane Bellew 14 Feb 1822
Washington John Ferguson married Sally Ramsey 14 Feb 1824
Washington David Douglass married Polly Chamberlain 14 Feb 1829
Washington James Constable married Jane Mills 14 Feb 1831
Washington James W. Drain married Martha Drain 14 Feb 1831
Anderson William Jones married Karen R. Cox 14 Feb 1838
Washington Patrick Lyddan married Melvina Thomas 14 Feb 1843
Hancock Martin N. Burnett married Rutha Stephens 14 Feb 1846
Clark James B. Ecton married Mary Bailey 14 Feb 1850
Washington Joseph B. Carrico married Elizabeth Smith 14 Feb 1851
Washington Thomas Neill married Elizabeth M. Flanagan 14 Feb 1854
Washington Andrew Long married Mary Ann Dunn 14 Feb 1856
Washington Uriah S. Litsey married Susanna Richardson 14 Feb 1856
Washington William H. Moore married Sarah F. Fleming 14 Feb 1861
Washington William P. Carter married Kate Grace 14 Feb 1871
Washington William J. Cornish married Levinia Demaree 14 Feb 1877
Washington Frank Hayden married Bell Yankee 14 Feb 1882
Washington John W. Vize married Anna L. Clements 14 Feb 1882
Washington Thomas L. Thompson married Ella E. Barker 14 Feb 1892
Marion Edward F. Tandy married Josie Carr 14 Feb 1901

Any thoughts?

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