Mary Robb Smith Obituary – 91 Years of Age

Mary Robb, wife of James Smith, October 16, 1833 – February 11, 1925.  New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

Evidently there is a mistake in the obituary – Mary Smith was buried in Mercer County.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, March 6, 1925

Mrs. Mary Smith, aged 91 years, died in Frankfort at the home of her daughter, Miss Lockett Smith, on February 11. She was the widow of James Smith and before her marriage was Miss Mary Robb. They were prominent and popular citizens of the Provi­dence section for many years. She was an aunt of Mrs. M.F. Chilton and Mrs. M. M. Daviess, of Harrodsburg; Mrs. J. R. McChesney, Louisville, and Mrs. George Dunn, of this county. Mrs. Smith was much loved by all who knew her. She had lived in Frankfort for a long time with her daughter, who is teach­ing there. Her funeral and burial were in Frankfort. Those from Harrodsburg who attended were Mrs. Alvin Veatch, Mrs. Garnett Dean, Mrs. Andrew Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Givens For­sythe, all of whom were related to her.

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