Alexander Tribble Breathes His Last May 13, 1888

Alexander Tribble, born April 5, 1810, died May 13, 1888.  Nancy, his wife, born July 27, 1819, died January 16, 1893.  Richmond Cemetery, Madison County, Kentucky.

The Richmond Climax, Madison County, Kentucky

Wednesday, May 16, 1888

Alexander Tribble died at his home on the Big Hill turnpike, 4 ½ miles from Richmond, in Madison County, Kentucky, on Sunday morning, May 13th, 1888, aged 78 years.  The funeral occurred on Tuesday, and the burial in the Richmond Cemetery at 3 o’clock of the same day.  Deceased was a native of and always resided in Madison County.  He was a member of the Christian church, a Democrat, and a farmer.  He was an excellent business man, and accumulated an estate of $250,000, which he disposed of by will.  There executors were appointed – Mrs. Tribble, Mr. Zan Tribble and Mr. Thomas D. Chenault.  The sum of $5,000 was set aside for a monument; $1,000 was given to Mt. Zion Church; $1,500 to Miss Nickerson, who had lived at his house; a small farm to Rev. T. J. Tribble; and other bequests were made.  The executors are to conduct the estate in the most profitable manner during the life of Mrs. Tribble.  At her death she has a right, under the will, to dispose absolutely of one half of the estate, the remainder to go to the relatives of Mr. Tribble.  Mrs. Tribble was a Chenault.  Deceased was the largest tax-payer in Madison County, and sold larger and better lots of fat cattle than any man who ever lived in the county, his cattle often being exported to England.  He was a model farmer, a good neighbor, an excellent citizen, and lived an enviable Christian life.  He was noted for his uniform pleasant disposition to all persons, regardless of rank or position.  A large concourse of relatives and friends followed the remains to the cemetery.

Alexander Tribble married his cousin, Nancy Chenault, October 26, 1843.

Peter Tribble, born March 9, 1774, died March 18, 1849.  Mary Tribble, born April 2, 1776, died September 14, 1831.  ‘Their remains are laying 3 miles south of Richmond.

Peter and Mary are Alexander Tribble’s parents.  Mary Boone married Peter Burris Tribble, the son of Rev. Andrew Tribble and Sarah Ann Burris, October 8, 1793.

David Chenault, born September 30, 1771, died May 9, 1831.  Nancy Chenault, born November 6, 1778, died August 2, 1862.  ‘Their remains are laying near Cave Spring Church.’

Nancy Tribble’s parents.

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