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1905 Double Wedding in Adair County

As always, something interesting from the old newspapers.  Double weddings are not often solemnized – perhaps because most brides want the day to themselves!  But as an organist who played for many, many weddings in my younger days, I did once play for a double wedding.  It was beautiful, held in a small country church.  The brides were sisters and wanted to share their special day. 

from The Adair County News, Columbia, Kentucky

December 20, 1905

Wedding Bells

Double Wedding Solemnized at the Baptist Church, This City

Tutt-Smith, Stults-Staples

Today, Wednesday, at 8 p.m., the solemn vows of matrimony were taken by Mr. N. M. Tutt and Miss Mary A. Smith; and Mr. George F. Stults and Miss Myrt Staples, in the Baptist Church, this city, Rev. W. H. C. Sandidge officiating in his usual impressive manner.  The wedding march was played by Mrs. Rollin Hurt, while the brides and grooms met at the altar, and took the vow that unites heart to heart and blends together, for happiness, two lives as one.

The church was well filled with many friends of the contracting parties and while much of the splendor of church weddings was omitted, yet, under the sweet strains of music and the impressive ceremony, the scene was one that plainly outlined the solemnity of the occasion and pictured a life of happiness for both couples.

All the parties are prominent members of the best people in Columbia and enjoy the good will and wishes of many friends in the step just taken.

Mr. Tutt is a true gentleman, a good businessman and enjoys a good estate, the product of his own brain and energy which, in the main, was acquired in real estate transactions, a business which he enjoys and in which he has had much experience.

Miss Smith is a daughter of Mrs. Kate Smith, and is a lady of rare intelligence, possessing the charms that make life happy.  For the last three or four years she was engaged in the mercantile business which she successfully managed until her retirement last summer.

Mr. Stults is a gentleman of sterling business and social qualities whose congenial disposition makes him friends wherever he goes.  For several years he has been engaged in the manufacture, buying and selling of staves which has netted him a neat sum for a rainy day.

Miss Staples is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Z. M. Staples, and is a lady endowed with all the attractions that enter into a happy life and adorn so many pleasant homes.  For four or five years she has been engaged in business, as saleslady and conducting a millinery business in this city in which she manifested good taste and adaptability.

Both young ladies are popular and enjoy a large circle of friends who will miss them from the society of single life.  The gentlemen who have been so fortunate to woo and win their hearts and hands are to be congratulated.  Each couple received the congratulations of many friends, and in a more substantial manner were the recipients of many valuable and useful presents.

The News extends its good wishes, and with the many other friends, most heartily congratulate each party, in this, their most important act of life.

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