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Old Photo From Louisville Kentucky

Today I share this photo of a very distinguished looking gentleman from Louisville, Kentucky.  Any photo from Kentucky I find I buy.  This gentleman’s hair blends with the background, but you can definitely see his kind eyes and his patrician nose.

I would date this photo to the late 1890’s due to the collar of this gentleman, as well as the embossed name and address at the bottom of the photo.

And the advertisement covering the back of the back of the card was also used during the 1890’s.  E. Klauber, Photographer and Art Dealer, 332 Fourth Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky.

Edward Klauber was a photographer for many years in Louisville.  The first instance I could find was for his shop located on 403 Main in 1864.  In 1868 he moved to 58 W. Market, and remained there through 1870.  1871-1883 his shop was at Third Street at the NE Corner of Jefferson Street.  In 1884 he moved to 332 Fourth Street and remained there through at least 1907.

I read online that Edward Klauber was considered by many to be one of the best photographers of his time.  He came from Bohemia at the age of eighteen.  His ‘large and elegant studio was compared to the studio of Matthew Brady in New York City.  The studio was lavishly furnished.  Stage personalities like Mary Anderson enjoyed having portraits done by Klauber when they were in Louisville performing at the Macauley Theatre.  Klauber’s studio closed in 1913 and he died in 1918.’  (From The Cabinet Card Gallery)  Since his first photography studio opened in 1864, he was at his job for 50+ years!

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  1. I am looking for some old photos of the apothecary that was in the building joining the brown hotel. A friend of mines Dad ran it. His name was Sam Jarvis. Would appreciate any help or guidance.

  2. Thank you so much! I have an old cabinet card by Klauber, and the back reads “Will remove August 1st to his new Gallery, No. 332 Fourth Avenue.” I’ve been trying to figure out when the picture was taken, and your research just helped me pin down the date! Thank you for doing all of that work!

  3. Info on 2 pewter Masonic sm. glasses with Klaubers stamp on the bottom. Dated 1901. Looking for value.

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