Five Civil War Soldiers Buried at Fairview Christian Cemetery

Fairview Christian Church and Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky

Ritchey and I visited cemeteries Saturday in Washington and Spencer counties.  The first cemetery we visited was Fairview Christian on the northern border of Washington and Anderson counties.  This is the area where some of my Hill family lived.  Fairview Baptist Church has a small cemetery, the church itself small, a community church.  We had been years ago – before the digital era – and I was anxious to get back again.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, the skies were grey, but it didn’t deter us!  And a sweet puppy ran over to play – he looked like our beloved childhood dog, Major!

One thing new this time were the addition of five stone slabs for the men who served during the Civil War.  Thanks to whoever added these – all veterans need to be noted for their service.

Randall Hill, PVT GAR Company E, 19th Kentucky Infantry, January 2, 1862 – January 26, 1865.  Born 1844.  Musician.

Randall Hill was the son of Isaiah Hill and Lucy Murphy, born in Garrard County, Kentucky – and a brother to my great-grandfather, Isaiah, named for his father.  Randall was a private in Company E, 19th Kentucky Infantry – he was a musician.  He mustered in January 2, 1862, and out, January 26, 1865.

Randall was married twice, first to Susan Mary Cooper, with who he had the following children: Van F. Sarah E., Charles, Alpha, William Isaiah, Josie, James Samuel, Goodloe, Clay Penny and Jesse H. Hill.  Susan died in 1886.

Annie M., wife of R. Hill, born March 1, 1869, died December 3, 1900.

Afterwards he married Annie M. Gordon, with whom he had two daughters, Mary Lucy and Elizabeth Hill. Randall Hill died March 3, 1901.

Francis Gillis, PVT GAR Company I, 19th Kentucky Infantry, POW.  January 2, 1862 – January 26, 1865.  Born, September 14, 1831, died September 26, 1910.

Francis Gillis was born September 3, 1831, in Anderson County, and died September 16, 1910, in Washington County.  He was a Private in Company L of the 19th Kentucky Infantry.  Francis service during the war was from January 2, 1862, to January 26, 1865.

Mary J., wife of Francis Gillis, born October 10, 1836, died ?  Francis, husband of Mary J. Gillis, born September 14, 1831, ddied September 26, 1919.

He was first married to Mary H. Searcy, July 10, 1850.  She must have died shortly after the marriage.  Francis married Louisa Remond, daughter of Vincent Redman, marriage bond dated November 5, 1851.  And on the 14th of September 1881, he married Mrs. Mary Spoonamore.  The marriage bond states that this is the third marriage for the groom, he is 49 years of age, and second marriage for the bride, she is 45 years of age.

John G. Howel, PVT GAR Company F, 10th Kentucky Infantry.  November 4, 1861 – December 5, 1864.  Born 1836.  Musician.

John G. Howel was a private in Company F, 10th Kentucky Infantry.  His service was from November 4, 1861, to December 5, 1864.  Like Randall Hill, he was also a musician.

John married Susan A. Campbell, June 29, 1865.  He was born December 10, 1837, and died April 4, 1912.

James A. Snider, CPL GAR Company D, 10th Kentucky Infantry, September 28 1861 – October 1862.  Born May 27, 1833, died February 21, 1904.

James A. Snider was a corporal with Company D, 10th Kentucky Infantry.  His service was from October 28, 1861, to October 1862.  He was born May 27, 1833, and died February 21, 1904.  James married Marinda Catherine Demaree in Mercer County on October 8, 1867, with whom he had at least two daughters, Mary and Cora Bell.  James’ parents were Jacob Snider and Mary Jane Leathers.

Larken Dennis, 1st SGR GAR Company D, 11th Kentucky Cavalry, July 19, 1862 – July 13, 1865.  Born November 5, 1837, died April 24, 1899.

Larken Dennis was first sergeant in Company D of the 11th Kentucky Cavalry, and served from July 19, 1862, to July 13, 1865.  Larken was born November 5, 1837, and died April 25, 1899.  He married Emily J. Yocum and had at least eight children:  Lucy, Mary Elizabeth, William Larken, Martha, Anna Bell, Sarah, James and Samuel.  Larken’s parents were William Dennis and Margaret Sartore.

As you can see from the above picture, the road to this cemetery is very narrow – so be very careful if you visit.  The easiest route is to take exit 48 off the Bluegrass Parkway, turn right, and then an almost immediate left onto Hwy 1291.  Follow until you come to Hwy 1387, take a left.  Fairview Christian Church and Cemetery is on the left.

Let us always give thanks for those who fought for our country and kept us safe.

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  1. Do you think the new headstones for the Civil War vets were obtained from the US govt? We just visited our Civil War vet in Oak Hill Cemetery in Evansville,Indiana and his grave was unmarked. We were wondering if it possible to get a headstone from the govt if he had never been issued one previously?

Any thoughts?

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