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Robert Botts and Wife Buried In Machpelah Cemetery

Yesterday’s post was the will of Robert Botts of Montgomery County, Kentucky.  Today I would like to share more information about him and his family.

According to the 1850 census record of Montgomery County, Robert Botts was born in Virginia.  He was born November 25, 1779, to Joseph and Catherine Butler Botts.  I could find no mention of Joseph Botts as a Revolutionary War veteran – although he was of the age, born June 23, 1748.  In the 1810 census of Montgomery County five Botts – all on the same page.  We have Joseph Botts, with a male and female of ‘over 45 and upward’ – I’m sure Joseph and Catherine.  Robert, Joshua, Charles and Lawrence Botts are listed with their families – brothers, and sons of Joseph and Catherine.

There is a Peter Tolin listed on the same page.  Could this be Elizabeth Tollson’s father?  Robert married Elizabeth Tollson July 9, 1809, in Montgomery County.

Joseph Botts died in April 1814 in Montgomery County.  I could not find a will, but did find an inventory.  There are eight slaves named in the inventory, with their ages – Robert, aged 67; Henry, aged 45; Henry, aged 57; Peggy, aged 51; Susan, aged 15; Sidney, aged 12; Daniel, aged 10; and Robin, aged 4.  This could be important information for those looking for their black ancestry, slaves are not always named.

Another interesting tidbit in the inventory of Joseph Botts is the list of books – ‘Sundry volumes of Laws of Congress containing the acts until 1804, two books containing a number of the Virginia laws, Bible, dictionary and song book.’

Son Robert died in 1855, at the age of 75.  In his will, Robert named eight children – Benjamin Tollson, Nancy, Joseph, Amy Greene, James R., Catherine, Elizabeth and George Botts.  In the 1850 census only the youngest three are living with their parents.  Robert is 70; Elizabeth, 60; Catherine, 27; Elizabeth, 24; and George, 22.

Benjamin Tollson Botts married Mary Coleman Williams.  Nancy Botts married James C. Wells.  Nancy died June 15, 1853.  She left two young sons, Christopher and Benjamin Wells.  Joseph Botts married Julia Ann Myers.  Amy Greene Botts married Harrison O’Rear.  James Robert Botts married Mary Matilda Everman.  Catherine Botts married Milton McClure.  Elizabeth Ann Botts married Joseph B. O’Rear.

Robert Botts, born November 25, 1779, died September 4, 1855.  Machpelah Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Montgomery County, Kentucky.

The 1855 Montgomery County Deaths shows Robert Botts, male, married, farmer, residence Montgomery County, born Virginia, son of Joseph and Catherine Butler Botts, died in Montgomery County on September 4th of apoplexy.

Elizabeth, wife of Robert Botts, born August 18, 1790, died April 21, 1858.

Wife Elizabeth lived an additional three years, dying April 21, 1858.  They left many descendants.

Robert’s flat gravestone is on the left, Elizabeth’s above-ground stone on the right.

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  1. Thanks for the information concerning great uncle Robert’s family. Robert is Robert<Joseph<Seth<Thomas Botts (of Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia and earlier (old) Richmond County, Virginia). I'm in the line of (Rev) Joseph<John<Seth<Thomas who was named after his uncle, Robert's father.

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