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Little Brother and Sister Photograph

Isn’t this an adorable photograph?  Tiny brother and sister, arms linked, standing in Mahan & Keller’s Photography Studio, 1427 Ridge Avenue, in Philadelphia.  Both are dressed in the late 1860’s/1870’s fashion for children.  The girl’s plaid dress with white lace collar and lace pantalettes is so sweet.  And the little boy, with his outfit, similar to little Lord Fauntleroy, is just as cute.  His parted and combed hair is just as precise as his sister’s.

Mahan & Keller Photography were at the above address, I believe, since 1842.  In the Important Events of the Century:  Containing Historical and Important Events During the Last 100 Years, published by the US Central Publishing Company in 1876, the bi-centennial year, Mahan & Keller are listed on the page 343, under Philadelphia’s Leading Business Houses.

This photo is a carte-de-visite, 4×2.5.

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