A Visit to Hammondsville Cemetery in Hart County

James Ferguson, born on September 11, 1811, died February 24, 1890.

Lucinda, wife of James Ferguson, born January 17, 1812, died October 29, 1876.  ‘Dearest mother, thou hast left us, here thy loss we deeply feel; but tis God that has bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.’

Bettie F., wife of C. T. Thurman, born September 10, ,1870, died August 25, 1897.

Jeremiah Lamkin, born August 13, 1791, died February 23, 1877.

Elijah T. Hodges, May 29, 1848 – November 26, 1934.

G. W. Highbaugh, born February 22, 1818, died February 7, 1869. 

Hammondsville Cemetery and Bacon Creek Baptist Cemetery are side by side on Hwy 357 in the area of Hammondsville in Hart County, Kentucky, at the junction of Hammondsville-Jonesville Road with 357.

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