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Round Steak Supper – Recipe From the 1950’s

I am so excited to share a page from a notebook I found in the ‘drawer’ of photos and writings at the Linton house in Logan County.  This is the notebook of Mrs. Thomas Densmore Linton – Sallie Ruth Price, the daughter of Edward C. Price and Cora Hutchinson.

Sallie was a teacher – and you can see her lovely handwriting in the recipe above.  I remember teaching my second-graders cursive, watching them grow in their abilities, and now there is talk of doing away with cursive in schools.  Such a shame!

The Round Steak Supper listed above sounds so good I set out to re-create this recipe from years ago.  As a true cook, used to making her meals daily, there are not exact directions.  Just a jot of the important steps.

I had a great tenderized round steak from my sister, who keeps me supplied with tasty meat.  I cut the steak into hand size pieces, added salt and pepper, and lightly floured before putting into a hot skillet with a little olive oil.  It browned beautifully.  I added the onion soup mix, a can of tomatoes and almost a can of vegetable broth.  I covered the skillet, turned it down low, and let it cook about two hours, checking every 20 minutes or so.  The aroma was wonderful!

After two hours I added carrots and potatoes and cooked another 25 minutes until tender.

Oh, my!  Was Ritchey a happy man!  The steak was fork tender, the carrots sweet and potatoes yummy!  A meal in a skillet!  Some lovely bread and we had a feast.

I love finding recipes used by my ancestors and others.  Just looking at this recipe gave me such a sense of the woman who used it.  Such love must have gone in to every dish, such planning.  This is what family love is all about!  Try something new – or old – today!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this recipe . You did a great job of cooking it and your table looked so festive and pretty.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I too love to find these things of our ancestors! I have found we connect many different times to the Lintons.



  3. This recipe looks and sounds yummy! I like tho old recipes. My mother used to cook and bake many old dishes as did her older sisters in Harrodsburg, KY. I remember stack pies and vinegar pies especially. The vinegar pies tasted like a lemon pie. Since lemons were hard to impossible to find in early Kentucky, the recipe for vinegar pies was probably pretty popular. Thank you for the recipe. Marilyn

  4. So fun to find and make a family recipe. I also have recipes from different family members and friends that are special not only because they sometimes become our own favorites but it’s wonderful to feel that you are continuing a family tradition and passing it along. Thank you for sharing, it sounds delicious and I will be making it later this week!

  5. I ended up using beef broth instead of vegetable but wanted to thank you again, this was delicious!

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