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The Gough Family of St. Mary’s County Maryland and Scott County Kentucky

Gough family gravestones in St. Francis de Sales Cemetery, Scott County, Kentucky.

Our story starts in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, when the William Gough family, including son William, emigrated from Gloucester, England, to the new world around 1650 – give or take a few years.  William Gough died in 1679, naming son Stephen in his will.  Stephen married Sarah Tattershall, and they were the parents of James Gough.  He and his wife Priscilla Heard fathered a child named James.  He was born September 15, 1748, in St. Mary’s County.  When his father died June 19, 1764, son James was given parts of several tracts of land.  I’ve always loved that Marylander’s name their land – much easier to keep up with them!  James Gough and his brother Ignatius were give tracts ‘Lady’ and ‘Margaret’.  He and his brother Stephen were given ‘Gough’s Mill’.  Ten years later when James married Susannah Medley, he was already a landowner.  About twelve years later the couple and their children were ready to make the move from the home they had known and loved for years, to the primitive parts of what was then Virginia, but would eventually become Scott County, Kentucky.

When the band of about 25 Catholic settlers reached Kentucky in 1786.  After traveling down the Ohio River in flatboats they were expected to continue on to the Washington/Nelson county area of central Kentucky, where many other Marylanders had made their home.  They were so enraptured with the beautiful, fertile land east of the Kentucky River they decided to build their homes here – now in area of Georgetown and Midway.

I would like to share with you today the gravestones of these brave pioneers.  The first church of St. Francis de Sales was built in 1794, and the Gough family worshiped here, along with many others who made that early journey with them – families by the names of Jenkins, Leak, Combs, Tarleton, Worland, Greenwell, James and others.

To the memory of James Gough.  he was born September 15th 1748 and departed this life September 27th 1826 aged 78 years, 22 days.

James Gough – father, husband and pioneer.

Susanna Gough born 15th August 1746, died 13th January 1795.

Susanna Gough was wife to James Gough; her maiden name was Medley.

Sacred to the memory of John B. Gough who was born February 29th 1767 and departed this life February 19th 1839 aged 72 years.

John Baptist Gough was the eldest son of James and Susannah.

Mary Gough died 16th June 1809 aged 31 years.

Mary Gough was the wife of John Baptist Gough.

To the memory of James Gough.  he was born February the 14th in the year of 1775 and died the 24th day of May 1828 aged 53 years.

James Gough was a son of James and Susannah Gough.

Ignatius Gough born the 28 day of march 1784 and died the 23rd day of March 1825.

Ignatius Gough was a son of James and Susannah Gough.

Ann Gough born the 22nd day of April AD 1768, died 7th January AD 1814.

I believe Ann Gough was a daughter of James and Susannah.

Ann’s stone has the most beautiful script for her dates of birth and death.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

George Gough born the 22nd day of may 1798, died the 23rd day of April 1821, aged 23 years.  ‘He lived beloved.’

George Gough was possibly a grandson of James and Susannah.  I love his epitaph – He lived beloved.  What more could you ask?

Henry Gough born the 26th of April 1800, died May 1819.

Possibly another grandson?

Sacred to the memory of Stephen T. Gough who was born October 15th 1818 and departed this life December 4th 1831 aged 13 years.

Stephen was probably a grandson of James and Susannah.

It would be nice to know exactly how all the members of the Gough family fit together – especially the ones who are probably grandchildren.  At least we know they all sleep together as a family.

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  1. The William Gough who died in 1679 did not mention any son Stephen in his will. He was Puritan merchant from London. Catholic Stephen Gough (d 1700) arrived in 1673 with a letter of introduction written on his behalf by Lord Baltimore to the Proprietary Governor of Maryland. He was almost certainly a son of Dr Stephen Gough (1605-1681).

  2. Very Interesting. I am a Gough in Central Kentucky by way of Australia. I have traced my Gough family back to Northern Ireland. I had a small DNA match with a Gough in NI, who mentioned that his line originated in Wales. I have now discovered 5 DNA matches to people who trace back to William Gough in St Mary’s, MD. As Gloucester is very close to the Welsh border, we must have a very distant common ancestor.

  3. I wonder if these Goughs also connect to the Black families of St. Marys county that also bare the last name Gough and Greenwell since we know that these are not african american surnames. I would imagine that we will find that dna will connect thee Goughs to the african american Goughs that lived, were enslaved and whose ancestor still reside in St. Mary, Calvert county and Lusby. If anyone has information on this I would like to know about it.

    • Tracy Brown, I AM a desendant of those “Black” GOUGHs. My name is Bernard Henry Gough- Son of William Isaiah Gough; He was born in St. Mary’s Co .and as a child Ivisited St. Mary’s Co starting at age 7. I was born in 1953. PLEASE contact me 941-304-2578

  4. Love your website. I used it extensively researching my husband’s paternal side: McIntires, Keenes, Medleys, Wheatleys etc. from Springfield in Washington County. Now I am working on the maternal side of my husband’s family which includes Mannings and Goughs.
    I have found John Henry Manning who married an Ann Gough whose parents were James and Susanna (Medley) Gough. I believe this Ann’s full name was Susanna, like her mother, but she went by “Ann”. I also believe she had a younger sister who was named Elizabeth Ann, who may have also gone by “Ann” or possibly Eliza. Do you think it would be unusual for two sisters to go by the same name? Not sure if the younger sister might be the Ann on this page with the beautiful headstone.
    Ann Gough Manning’s headstone stands in St. Theresa cemetery in Rhodelia (Meade Co. KY) where she and her husband moved after leaving the White Sulphur/Scott Co. area. The stone reads Sacred to the memory of Ann Manning/ Late consort of John Manning/ Who departed this life/ December 30th 1830/ Aged 58 years/ R.I.P. It is almost identical in shape and design to the Gough’s stones in Scott County. There is even the bump-up at the top with a Catholic cross.
    I found it quite interesting that a “style” of headstones would extend to even family members who weren’t buried in the same place. By the way, her husband John Manning has the same type of stone.

  5. I’ve been to that cemetery and those looked like you or someone really cleaned them up… very nice work and great photos to honor their memory.

    I’m a descendant of Susannah Gough who married John Baptist Dant. Susannah was a daughter of James Gough and Priscilla Heard.

    At the time I saw those headstones I did not know who they were… so I was excited to learn that… very nice page and work!

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