Old Photos

Photo Found In Pocket Of Deceased

This photo of two lovely women has a bit of a mystery about it.  We do not know the names of these two women, or their relationship.  If I had to guess I would say they are mother and daughter.  This photo was taken about 1885, by Conley Brothers in Celina, Ohio.  The high collars and curled front hair give us a clue to the time period.

The most interesting part is what is written on back – ‘Found in brother Cum’s pocket after his death.’  How interesting that this gentleman would have this photo with him, and possibly carried it with him for a good number of years.  What was his relationship to the women in the photo?  Since the author did not write who these women are, I take it they did not know.  Is one a long lost love?  Could the daughter be his child?  I know, I’m letting my imagination run wild.  But it does raise questions!

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