Old Wills

Bourbon County Will of Thomas Champ

It appears this will was hastily written.  There is no flowery beginning about death being certain or mention of sound mind.  There is mention of Thomas Champ’s mother, Sarah, but although his wife is mentioned she is not named.  Four sons are listed, but no daughters.  Did he have daughters, or perhaps they received no legacy?

Will of Thomas Champ, Bourbon County, Kentucky, Will Book J, Pages 82-83

This my last will and testament made the twenty-fifth day of June 1832.  To all whom it may come ?  I leave to my eldest son, Robert, one hundred and twenty-seven and a half acres of land willed to him heretofore by his grandfather.

I also will to my son Thomas the plantation where my mother, Sarah Champ, now resides, at her death.  Those two pieces of land to be valued by two disinterested persons appointed by the County Court.

I also will to my wife one third of plantation and house where she now resides, all during her lifetime.  The balance of the property lands and Negroes to be

equally divided amongst my four sons, Robert, Thomas, George and Henry, after the price of Robert and Thomas’ land heretofore mentioned is deducted out of said remainder.

I also will all my just debts to be paid out of my personal estate.  I also wish my wife to finish the house in decent manner.

I wish to have George Hughes and George Redmon appointed executors to my estate.

To which I hereunto fix my hand and seal this 25 day of June eighteen hundred and thirty-two.

Thomas Champ

Teste. B. H. Hall, James H. Gentry

Commonwealth of Kentucky and County of Bourbon

I, Thomas P. Smith, Clerk of the County Court of said county, do certify that his last will and testament of Thomas Champ, deceased, was proven in open court by the oath of James H. Gentry, a subscribing witness thereto and sworn to by George Hughes and George Redmon, the Executors therein named and presented to be recorded.  Whereupon the same, with this certificate has been duly recorded in my office.  Given under my hand this third day of September 1832.

Thomas P. Smith, Clerk

Any thoughts?

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