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1920’s Wedding Photograph – Seeing Her Ankles, Oh My!

I haven’t shared a wedding photo in quite some time.  To tell you the truth, they are hard to come by.  When I first starting buying old photographs I found them in any antique shop.  I haven’t found a wedding photo in several years.

I love this one!  It is a roaring twenties wedding – the bride wearing a shorter dress style, showing those ankles and making her wedding her own.  Can’t say I really like the headdress, but this was all the rage at the time.  Bouquets were huge, with more greenery than flowers generally speaking.

Grooms usually wore a coat and tails, stiffly starched shirt and white tie.

I hope this couple was very happy.  The photo I have is an 8 x 10.  There is no photographer’s name.

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  1. Love the picture!

    Wow, what a headdress !
    She has a beautiful gold wedding band but he doesn’t. Was this norm in the 20’s?


  2. What a sweet photo! Their heads are about level with each other even though she standing two steps above him. Either the groom is quite tall or the bride is very petite!

  3. Fabulous! I’ve never seen a headdress such as the one in your photo. I love her dress. My grandmother was married in 1921 and her ankles showed, too. 🙂

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