Family Stories

Joseph Conditt Barnett of Ohio County

Many members of the Barnett family in Ohio County are buried in Alexander Cemetery.

from Kentucky – A History of the State, Battle, Perrin & Kniffin, 1885

Ohio County

Joseph C. Barnett was born September 4, 1818, in Ohio County, Kentucky, and is a son of Robert and Elizabeth (Conditt) Barnett.  Robert Barnett came with his father’s (Alexander Barnett’s) family to Ohio County from Virginia in 1788.  He was the only son in a family of seven children that lived to be grown.  He was a successful farmer, was a captain in Hopkins’ campaign against the Indians in the War of 1812, and afterward county surveyor for Ohio County for twenty years, in connection with farming; he died in August 1865.  Joseph C. was reared on the farm and was educated by his mother chiefly; a thorough scholar educated in the East.  At twenty-two years of age he engaged in farming for himself, which has been his principal occupation since.  He now owns 350 acres of land, one-half improved.  He holds various positions in the Methodist Church.  His wife, who was a Miss Frances D. Bennett, was a member of the same denomination.  He was elected magistrate and served four years.  He formerly a Democrat, and now a stanch Republican.  He has five children living:  Matilda E., wife of W. Tinsley; George W., a Methodist minister; William B., also a Methodist minister; Fannie M., now Mrs. J. W. Taylor, and C. M. attending De Paw University, Green Castle, Indiana.  His present wife was the widow of Captain Henry M. Bennett, who was an officer in the Twelfth Kentucky Cavalry – her maiden name was Tinsley.

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  1. Nice article on one of our Barnett’s. The name Conditt is particularly interesting. Joseph Conditt is a great, great uncle, I believe. My grandfather and uncle were named Conditt. the Conditt’s came from NJ and I assuming that they got their desire to educate from this line. Most of the Barnett’s were farmers, but this very early emphasis on getting all the education that you can was inspiring to the family. The Alexander Cemetery is particularly interesting to our family and there are many ancestors buried in its boundaries. Thanks for all the research. Alexander is the cemetery where they have found an excellent way to maintain it with respect. Vic Barnett

    • Vic, you have a very interesting family, and I enjoy the research very much! Now I realize we did not get ALL the photos I needed from this cemetery. We plan to return to western Kentucky in the fall, or at least spring. Alexander Cemetery will be a stop before going to the Jackson Purchase area.

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