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James Masterson – Revolutionary War Veteran

James Masterson, Ensign, NC Troops, Revolutionary War, April 7, 1752 – December 15, 1838.  Lexington Cemetery, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Short, sweet and simple – my children and grandchildren are here for the weekend!

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  1. I’m not a direct descendant of James Masterson but I am a descendant of his youngest brother who may have been his half brother. James Masterson was one of the first pioneers to arrive in Lexington. Records show his brothers working along with some of the Boone family to build the original Lexington fort using logs. James was a minute man during the revolution. He was known for being a fast traveler on foot and made an exceptionally long run for salt during a siege at one point. He claimed to be one of the defenders of Bryants Station which led to the battle of the Blue Licks. On the way there when Boone saw signs of a surprise attack waiting for them, Boone made his famous remark; “We are all slaughtered men”. Boone’s youngest son Israel was killed in that battle.

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