Marriage Records

1811-1812 Marriage Returns of Thomas Clelland of Washington County

I do hereby certify that I have joined together in the marriage relations the following persons agreeably to licenses issued from the office of the Clerk of Washington County, viz.

  • George W. Hively and Polly Way – March 11th, 1811
  • John Wade and Esther Muldrough – September 17th, 1811
  • Elijah Wilson and Jemimah Gilkie – October 29th, 1811
  • Jacob Houts and Nancy Barnes – December 24th, 1811
  • John Sandusky and Martha E. Hundly – December 26th, 1811
  • Bennett Marples and Eliza Catlin – December 31st, 1811
  • George Drane and Polly Lawrence – January 9th, 1812
  • James Cochren and Anne Calvert – March 10th, 1812

Given under my hand this 10th of March 1812.

                           Thomas Clelland

Washington County, Kentucky

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