Old Photos

1925 Photo of Goose Creek School – Nicholas County

Last month I received an email from Tammy Johnson with a photo of Goose Creek School in Nicholas County, taken about 1924 or 1925.  She wrote:

‘I love your Kentucky Kindred postings. I was going through my late Mother’s- Kathleen Hunter Paris McClanahan- photos and found this one. Three of her aunts —the “Hunter Girls” — are in this photo. I am sure with the help of my grandmother- Lillian Hunter Paris Ferguson and the oldest Hunter girl (not in the picture) she was able to write down the names of many of the children and the teacher.’

What a treasure this is!  Not only the photo, but most pictured here named!  Thank you Tammy for sharing.

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  1. Thank you for all you do. This is such a beautiful picture and so nice that so many names are included.

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