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Two Late 19th Century Photographs by P. A. Burggren of Hector Minnesota

I have two old photographs to share with you today – both were taken by P. A. Burggren in Hector, Minnesota, 1880-1890.

Let me introduce you to Margaret and Elizabeth Hanna.

The next photo is of two couples, the girls are Marci, or Mamie Hanna and Aunt Ellen Hanna.  The gentleman on the far left is Mike Tompkins.  The name of the other gentleman is not listed.

I feel sure the people in these two photos are related – they were sold in the same clear envelope, and the handwriting appears to be the same.  The first photograph, the older, has very little in the background and just the one prop.  The card stock and printing are very plain.

The second photograph has a scalloped edging, more props and the name of the photographer is in cursive, taken at a later date.

Perry August Burggren was born in Sweden July 7, 1842.  He immigrated to the United States and in the 1880’s worked as a photographer in Hector, Minnesota.

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  1. A quick search for Hannas in Renville Co MN reveals that Ellen Hanna married Michael Tompkins about 1893. This must be a wedding picture! Perhaps the originsl marriage documents would have witnesses named.

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