Old Photos

Late 1890’s Photograph – Five Sisters?

So excited to share this photograph with you.  You can see those huge leg ‘o mutton sleeves which date this photo to the late 1890’s.  In addition, ‘In the 1890’s’ is written on back.  But most importantly, the names are written beside each subject.  Della, Mamie, Elizabeth, Vesta and Clara.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Do you think they are sisters?  Friends?

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  1. They definitely look like sisters. Wonder if they all had naturally curly hair, or if they had a perming process back then? Beautiful girls!

  2. Sisters! I enjoy reading your blog. Kitzerow is my married name, I am McKenzie ( from Ohio) but my grandmother was O’Daniel, Hamilton, with some Carrico, Montgomery, Edelen, , etc mixed in, all from Maryland, all settling/ born in Nelson, then Washington and Marion counties. We may even be distant relatives! Keep up the great work!

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