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Children’s Photographs 1870 – 1930

Who can resist such sweet photographs?  This is a cabinet photo, 4″ x 6.5″, taken in Cincinnati by the French photograph Marceau.  On back he posts “The Leading Fotografer”.  This curly haired little girl is all light and innocence.

This photograph was taken in Caledonia, Ontario.  It’s a bit fuzzy, and there is a dirt spot on her forehead, but this little girl is delightful.  Don’t you love all the ruffles and ribbons on her outfit?

Baby Kristian Nouris is next.  Again, a splendid outfit, down to the little boots!  Do you think a girl or boy?

I love this photo of these two siblings.  Again, the boots – why do I think they are so cute?  The older girl’s pantalettes come just below her dress.  She looks to wear warm socks.  This picture is from Paris, France.

Don’t you love this photo from the 1870’s?  From our blog of a few days ago we showed the ’70’s fashions the the skirts closer to the body, wrapped around to the back, and generally in many layers.  The fashions for the little girl are bright and cheerful.

This mother-daughter photo was taken about 1900.  The simple skirt and white lacy blouse of the mother is very typical of those early years of the 20th century.  This little girl’s white dress and bow are also of the time period.

This is my favorite.  I love the full skirt, the white blouse and bow – and, again, those little boots!  And the sweet face!

The last photo was taken January 19, 1930.  Although it must have been cold, with snow on the ground, this little one looks very comfy wrapped in blankets.  And how about that cute bonnet!

Hope you have enjoyed today’s photos – which was your favorite?


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