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A New Adventure

Kentucky Kindred Genealogy will be nine years old in April.  I have loved every moment of sharing pictures, old wills, stories, obituaries, etc.  And I will continue to do so.  However, not in Kentucky.  Ritchey and I are moving to the area of Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan – at the very top of the upper peninsula.  If everything works as planned, we will live in a small community called Rudyard, Michigan – named for Rudyard Kipling.  Harrodsburg was founded in 1774, Sault Sainte Marie in 1664.  An even older area to explore.  Our daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren are moving to Sault Sainte Marie, ON, Canada.  We cannot be too far from them and will be just across the Saint Mary’s River.

What does this mean for Kentucky Kindred?  Just a pause while we sell our home and move to Michigan.  I will blog when I have time, but there will be no daily blog until we are settled in the new home.  I cannot give you a time table until our home sells and we have a moving date.  This is such a great adventure.  I have never lived out of the state of Kentucky; Ritchey has lived all over the world, but not in Michigan.

Ritchey and I were in Michigan last week, looking at houses and exploring the area (the reason there have been no blogs for a week or so).  As people keep saying, “It’s cold up there!”  And it was, snow was everywhere.  I’m already in love with the people who live there.  They are so friendly and accepting.  It will be a lovely place to live.  We found a house that we love and our offer was accepted.

If everything goes through with the house, we will have 40 acres, so we intend to call it Kentucky Kindred Farm.  A throw-back to our Kentucky roots and family and friends here, and the new friends we will make there.  After all, genealogists know we are all one big family!

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  1. I am so excited for you, even though I will miss you terribly. What an adventure to live in a different part of the country! I can’t wait to visit Michigan!

    • Best of luck in your new adventure. I have enjoyed reading the family research and photographs that you have shared online and look forward to seeing what your future brings <3

  2. Best of luck to you and Ritchey! I don’t blame you for wanting to be close to those grand babies!

  3. Wow! That sounds so exciting. My husband and I left Iowa in 1965 and moved to Kansas City, Mi–then to Louisville and eventually to Bowling Green, Kentucky, We returned to Iowa for about five years. Then we were back in Kansas City again. From there to the Missouri Ozarks. And since 1980, we’ve been in Colorado. I think we will stay here.

  4. Good for you! A new adventure. I will miss you daily information, and will look forward your return. Best of luck in your move.

  5. Congratulations to you and Richie! I’m sure you willl feel right at home in no time. My husband retired in Oct. and we moved to our vacation home in Incline Village Nevada/Lake Tahoe from California. I’ve lived my whole life there and never in the snow, a small town, or on top of a mountain.I hope I get to meet you in May before you leave. Thank you so much for your wonderful work and passion for the past.
    Best wishes

  6. Oh noooo! Happy for you but sad for me and my Kentucky ancestors! I’ve learned so much through your blog. I will miss you!

  7. I wish you two all the best in your new adventure. Sounds very exciting and cherish the name for the 40 acres. Peace, Pat

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  8. I have loved your postings for several years now. I know KY will miss you and Ritchie, but I understand about being close to children and grands.
    I wish you and your entire family the very best of luck and happiness in your new home.
    Pat Calafell
    Tampa, FL

  9. Wow, as I read your blog tonight I was quite surprised to see you are coming to my home here in the Soo aka Sault Ste Marie. Welcome,welcome, welcome!!

  10. I think this will be a wonderful adventure for you! I’m sure you’ll find the history of that area is fascinating. I was fortunate to have the experience of living in many places, and it does give you new insights about our country. So, enjoy the ride!!!

  11. Good luck and best wishes, I know it’s an adventure. Lee Litherland

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  12. Phyllis I’ve enjoyed your site but cannot figure out how to unsubscribe. Could you please help?

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