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Will of Mrs. Sarah Gibson – Franklin County

Sarah Gibson’s Franklin County will, was written July 15, 1807, and probated in November of the same year.  She must have realized time was getting close.  Sarah makes provision for her two unmarried daughters, Betsy and Sally.  Two sons, James and William, are named in the will, as well as a married daughter, Phebe Martin.  Granddaughter Sally Martin is the only grandchild listed.  A Mr. Henry Gibson’s will was located on page 25 of the same will book, but unfortunately pages 17-52 are missing.  This could possibly be Sarah Gibson’s husband, or another relative of the family.

Will of Sarah Gibson

Franklin County, Will Book 1795 to 1823, Page 74-75

In the name of God, amen.  I, Sarah Gibson, of Franklin County and State of Kentucky, being in a weak state but perfect in memory doth ordain this my last will and testament this fifteenth day of July 1807.  First, I desire all my just debts paid.  Second, I give to my two daughters, to wit, Betsy and Sally Gibson, the land and plantation whereon I now live for them to live on as long as they see cause, but in case either of them should marry and move off the other one to keep it as they live single, and then to be equally divided amongst my three daughters, to wit, Phebe Martin and Betsy and Sally.  Third, my desire is that the Negroes to be equally divided amongst all my sons and daughters.  Fourth, I give to my daughter Phebe Martin the mare and colt and bed and furniture that she has now in her possession.  Fifth, I give to my son, James Gibson, one mare and colt that he now has in possession, likewise a bed and furniture he has not yet received.  Sixth, I give to my son William Gibson the house he has in possession, likewise one bed and furniture.  Seventh, I give to my daughter Betsy one mare and two colts and a bed and furniture.  Eighth, I give to my daughter Sally, one black mare and colt, likewise a sorrel  horse colt, and likewise one bed and furniture.  Ninth, I give to my granddaughter Sally Martin a small bay suckling colt.  Tenth, after all my debts are paid what balance there is, I give to my two single daughters, to wit, Betsy and Sally Gibson.  My desire is that my sons, James Gibson and William Gibson, and Thomas Martin act as my executors on the day and date above written.

Sarah Gibson

Signed and sealed and delivered in presence of James Porter, Reuben Samuel, Spilsbe Samuel

Franklin County November Court 1807

The last will and testament of Sarah Gibson, deceased, was this day produced in court and proved by the oaths of Reuben Samuel and Spilsbe Samuel, subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Att. Daniel Weisiger, Clerk

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