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Captain James Hawkins, Revolutionary War Veteran – Anderson County

James Hawkins, Capt. Col. Matthew’s Regiment, Virginia Line, Revolutionary War, 1750-March 2, 1819.  Yorktown.  Salt River Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson County, Kentucky.

Captain James Hawkins died in 1819, before pensions became available to Revolutionary soldiers.  His wife, Jane, applied for a pension in December of 1836, and received $180 yearly, paid bi-annually.

Jane Hawkins, widow of James Hawkins, deceased, who died on the 2nd March 1819, of Anderson in the State of Kentucky, a Captain in the Virginia Line for 9 months.  Inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky at the rate of $180 per annum, to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831.

Certificate of Pension issued the 10th day of July, 1835 and Senator Hon. J. Harlan, Member of Congress.

Arrears to the 4th of March 1838, $1260.00.  Semi-annual allowance ending 4 September 1838, $90.00.  Total $1,30.00

Revolutionary Claim

On this 12th day of December 1836, personally appeared before the County Court of the County of Anderson, now sitting, Jane Hawkins, a resident of said county and State of Kentucky, aged 73 years, states that she is the widow of James Hawkins, who was a Captain in the Revolutionary War, from Orange County, Virginia.  In March 1778, he guarded prisoners taken at the defeat of Burgoyne for three months, located at Albemarle Barracks.  In May until July of 1781, in Colonel Matthews’ Regiment, and from July 1781 to October 1781, name of colonel not mentioned; was evidently at Yorktown.  In 1789 he moved to Kentucky, which eventually became Anderson County, where he died March 2, 1819.

James Hawkins married April 12, 1779, or April 12, 1781, in Culpeper County, Virginia, Jane (maiden name not given).  Jane Hawkins was allowed pension on her application, December 12, 1836, at which time she was aged 73 years and resided in Anderson County, Kentucky.  She died September 4, 1842, in said county.  Their first child was born March 9, 1783, but name was not listed.  The following children survived their mother – James Hawkins, Jane Hackley, Elizabeth Foster, Ohio Coleman, Sarah Boston and Mary Jordan.

In 1837 one Rueben Boston was a resident of Anderson County, Kentucky, and stated he was formerly of Orange County, Virginia, and knew Captain James Hawkins during the Revolutionary War, no relationship to Sarah Boston, daughter of the soldier, was given.  In same year, one Martha Jordan, aged seventy-two years and a resident of Anderson County, Kentucky, made affidavit that she was born in Orange County, Virginia, and moved to Anderson County, Kentucky, in 1795, and that she was present at the marriage of James and Jane Hawkins.  In 1837, John J. Jordan was a Justice of the Peace for Anderson County, Kentucky; no relationship of Martha and John J. Jordan to Mary Jordan, daughter of the soldier, was stated in 1837.  On John Hackley was a Justice of the Peace for Anderson County, Kentucky; no relationship to Jane Hackley, daughter of the soldier, was stated.

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    • This may be my family as well. The timeframe and location and moving to Kentucky all fits but there is a sliver of information missing of which I am now looking for.

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