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Strother Cook and Lucy Jenkins – Cook Golden Wedding Anniversary – Mercer County

Interior Journal, Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky

Tuesday, April 24, 1888

The relatives of Rev. Strother Cook, Sr., and wife, “Aunt Lucy,” who attended their golden wedding in Mercer County last Thursday, tell me that the ten children of the aged couple acted as attendants and that the “ceremony” was pronounced by Rev. B. F. Taylor, a son-in-law.  They raised 12 children, the oldest of whom was killed during “the late unpleasantness” while in camp one morning, by a cannonball, at a moment least expected.  The absent boy on the occasion of this golden wedding was in California.  There were present their 24 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren; two daughters-in-law; five sons-in-law; two grandsons-in-law and last but not least, the faithful old servant, “Aunt Martha,” who was present at the wedding of her young master and mistress 50 long years ago.  Fifty-two members of the family are living and ten have passed away – a son, a son-in-law, one grandson-in-law, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  There were also present in the large circle of relatives who witnessed the first ceremony 50 years ago Mr. and Mrs. Evan Waters, Mrs. Betsy Nevius, of Stanford, Mrs. Susan Cook, of Danville, Mrs. W. P. Curd, then 3 months old, and Mrs. Chap Coleman, of Mercer.  A magnificent dinner was spread upon the tables and numerous and costly presents were presented the happy old couple by their loving children and relatives.

Rev. Strother Moses Cook and Lucy Mitchell Jenkins married April 19, 1838, in Mercer County.  From the 1860 and 1870 census of the county I produce the following list of children:

  1. George William Cook, 1839-1914.
  2. John Stephen Cook, 1842-1864 (died in Civil War).
  3. Mary Jemima Cook, 1844-1911.
  4. Susan Belle Cook 1846-1921.
  5. Lucy Jane Cook, 1849-1923.
  6. Strother Moses Cook, Jr., 1851-1907.
  7. Sarah Trueheart Cook, 1853-1934.
  8. Allen Thomas Cook, 1855-1914.
  9. Julia Anne Cook, 1857-1893.
  10. Elizabeth Malvia Cook, 1859-1936.
  11. Emma Dora Cook, 1862-1949.
  12. James Stanley Cook, 1864-1893.

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