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Hon. Dudley Hambleton Passes Away 1898 – Breckinridge County

Dudley Hambleton was the son of Charles Hambleton and Jane Crawford Pate, born in Breckinridge County, Kentucky, April 19, 1821.  Dudley married Elizabeth Watkins November 24, 1843.  The couple had four children –

  1. James Hambleton, 1846-1901, married December 24, 1873, Mary Adele Fisher.
  2. Samuel Thomas Hambleton, 1848-1937.
  3. Jennie Hambleton, 1855-1932, married Courtney Babbage.
  4. Mary Ellen Hambleton, 1857-1940, married Martin Samuel Whitford.

The Breckinridge News, Cloverport, Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Wednesday, September 28, 1898

Hon. Dudley Hambleton Passes Away

Represented Breckinridge Twice in the Legislature

Was a Consistent Member of the Baptist Church

Hon. Dudley Hambleton, a man who was loved by all who knew him, died early Tuesday morning.

For a week he has been hovering between life and death, and although his precarious condition was known to almost everyone in the county the news of his final passing away came like a shock.

Hon. Dudley Hambleton has always been prominently identified with Cloverport.  He was born in this county, April 19, 1821.

He was married to Jane Watkins in November, 1843, and the following children were the result of the union:  James Hambleton, Samuel Hambleton, Mrs. Courtney Babbage and Mrs. Martin S. Whitford, now living in England.

For many years Mr. Hambleton was regarded as a leading businessman of Breckenridge County.  He practically bought all the tobacco that was brought to Cloverport for sale and was the largest buyer until the war came on.

At the close of the Civil War he purchased the A. A. Gordon farm at Holt’s paying $25,000 cash for it and engaged in farming.

He was always a man of affairs and stood high in the estimation of all who knew him.  He was twice elected to the legislature by the Democratic party.

Hon. Dudley Hambleton was one of the best men Cloverport ever had.  During the days of his prosperity he was known as the young man’s friend and his purse was always ready to back some poor young fellow struggling for a foot-hold on the ladder to success.  He was charitable to a fault.

He was a consistent member of the Baptist church, also a member of the Masonic fraternity.

His funeral took place today and was largely attended, the remains being interred according to the rites of Masonry.

Dudley Hambleton, 1821-1898.  Cloverport Cemetery, Cloverport, Breckinridge County, Kentucky.

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