Eliza Colban Buried at Evergreen Cemetery – In What Year? – Campbell County

Located in Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate, Campbell County, this small but beautiful gravestone is filled with symbolism and iconography.  Flowers in each top corner remind us of the beauty and brevity of life – especially in this instance since the deceased was only 27 years at her death.  The weeping willow tree suggests grief and sorrow, yet also a sign of immortality in many religions.  The obelisk is a representative of sunlight – a ray of hope in an otherwise dark time period.  Evidently someone wept, was immersed in sadness and despaired of the death of this young woman – but the year of her death is not carved in the stone!  In memory of Eliza Colban, died September 7th, 18– aged 27 years.  Was the stone cutter disturbed in his work and forgot to add the last two digits to the year?  Eliza is the only Colban buried in this cemetery.  After her death did her parents, her husband and children, move on to create their lives anew?  Without the full date it is impossible to know exactly when this woman died.  Looking at the stone and the symbolism on it I would guess Eliza died 1850-1885.  But that, my friends, is just a guess.  Perhaps we will never know.

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  1. I just did a check on FamilySearch.com for Eliza Colban. They have a lady who married John Brandreth on 15 Jul 1851 in Campbell Co KY. The only record for this couple is their marriage record. His identifier is 9ZWP-8BC, and hers is 9ZWP-8BZ. I’ll bet there’s a sad and tragic story behind these records.

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