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The Man From Maryland – Muhlenberg County

My wonderful History of Muhlenberg County by Otto A. Rothert gives so much information on this interesting county.  Today we will discuss the Lovell family of the Pond River country, a series of lakes, rivers and streams that are enjoyed today as in the past.  Many of the early pioneer families settled in this area, including Michael Lovell.  Most of the pioneers were from Virginia and the Carolinas, but Michael was from Maryland and was therefore known as the man from Maryland – during his life and afterwards.

Michael Lovell married Mary Ann Ingram December 17, 1810, in neighboring Logan County.  Joseph Ingram, Ann’s father, died there in 1815.  Her mother was Ann Chambliss.  Mary Ann was not listed in her father’s will, just the youngest children. I believe Michael’s parents were William Lovell and Dorothy Eldridge.

Michael Lovell’s first wife was Mary Ingram. Mary died during or after the birth of daughter Mary E.  Children:

  1. Ira Joseph – 1811-1898 – married Ann Laurette Campbell 1836.
  2. John – 1813-1892.
  3. Sarah Ann – 17 Feb 1817- 19 Aug 1855, she never married.
  4. Mary E., 1823-1900, married William K. Morgan.

Michael married second Rachel Eades, December 22, 1824.  Children:

  1. Charles W. – 1827-1894 – married Sarah Catherine
  2. Sam Barnett – 1830-1890
  3. Lewis Howell – 1830-1850
  4. Frances Marian – 1832-1912 – married Drury Mayhew 27 November 1854

Drury Mayhew to Miss Frances M. Lovell, marriage solemnized 27 November 1854 by Rev. Samuel M. Wilkins at the house of Michael Lovell, Muhlenberg County, in presence of Sarah Lovell, J. Miles Pitman and Sarah A. Lovell.

  • Leander Washington – 1835-1904
  • William Michael, Jr. – 1835-1918 – married Jane Ruth Morgan
  • Thomas Jefferson – 1842-1903

Michael married third Sarah Poage, a daughter of John Reno.  Child

  1. James R. – 1859-?

Michael Lovell did not leave a will.  Perhaps everything was distributed before he passed away at the age of 90.  Very few marriage records were found.  Sometimes we find so much I have to choose what to share, this time there are just the bare bones facts for this family.

Family members buried in Old Liberty Cemetery

Michael Lovell, departed this life February 26, 1874

Sarah Ann Lovell, daughter, born February 17, 1817, died August 19, 1855, aged 37 years

John Lovell, son January 16, 1813 – June 24, 1892

Eliza A., wife of John Lovell, March 5, 1825 – December 18, 1863

W. M. Lovell, son, 1835 – 1818, Mary Jennetta Lovell, 1845-1879, Mary Jane Lovell, 1844-1916

The Record, Greenville, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Thursday, April 4, 1918

William Michael Lovell

William Michael Lovell, in his 88th year, died at his home at Luzerne at midnight last Friday, following an attack of apoplexy on Thursday morning. He was one of the pioneer citizens of his section and a man widely known and universally esteemed. His long life had been one of extreme activity, and he had been blessed with a vigorous constitution and perfect health. Funeral services were held at the home at 11 o’clock Sunday morning, Revs. McLean and McAfee jointly conducting, and a large gathering of relatives and friends attended. Interment was made in the cemetery at Old Liberty, where rest many members of this old and honorable name. There are few men who could be more missed than Uncle Mike Lovell, but he had done his full share before he fell asleep.

Jeanette M., wife of W. M. Lovell, May 26, 1845 – February 14, 1879

Charles W. Lovell, son, May 20, 1827 – May 19, 1894

S. C., wife of C. W. Lovell, July 19, 1832 – September 21, 1906

Mary S. Lovell, November 12, 1834 – February 8, 1909.  S. B. Lovell, son, February 19, 1830 – April 15, 1890

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