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‘Uncle Billy’ Moredock Summoned

One feat accomplished on our western Kentucky trip – we found the Lewis Cemetery in Hancock County!  We tried to find it in June, with no success.  But with the help of Google Earth and a page from Glenn Hodges book, Daybreak On Old Fortification Creek, we pinpointed the location!  This was another cemetery back a gravel road, onto farmland.  It is a small cemetery, just for family, about 35 people are thought to be buried here.

William Moredock married Hannah Amanda House, granddaughter of the John Lewis and Elizabeth Brown that moved from Loudoun County, Virginia, to what was then Breckinridge County, Kentucky (later Hancock County).  John Lewis was a brother to William Joseph Lewis, who married Captain John Linton’s sister, Catherine Jennings Lewis.  Joseph and Catherine Linton Lewis’ son, William Linton Lewis, also moved to Hancock County, and is buried in this cemetery.

The Breckinridge News, Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Wednesday, May 20, 1908

“Uncle Billy” Moredock Summoned

Genial Man And Aged citizen Dies At Hardinsburg – Respected And Loved By Young And Old

Once Lived In Hancock

Hardinsburg, Ky., May 18 – (Special) –

After an illness of several weeks, William T. Moredock, one of our aged and most highly respected citizens quietly breathed his last at two o’clock Wednesday morning, May 13.

Mr. Moredock was born near Hardinsburg, March 5, 1834.  After learning the trade of cabinet maker with the Hon. G. W. Beard and Judge Eskridge, he moved to Hancock County, where his life was spent, with the exception of the last two years here with his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Evans, at the Commercial Hotel.

A part of the time he was a farmer in Hancock County, the other part found him in business at Lewisport.

In 1856 he was married to Miss Hannah A. House, of Hancock County, and for fifty years they lived happily together, a happiness broken only by his death.  Besides his wife he is survived by these children:  James William, of Macon, Georgia; Samuel H., of Tampa, Florida; B. H. Moredock, of Louisville; and Mrs. Evans, of Hardinsburg.

He was noted for his social, genial disposition.  His home was ever open to his friends and crowds of young people loved to visit there and enjoy the hospitality and sunshine within its walls and nothing pleased him more than to know that he was adding to the pleasures of others.

He was a Methodist, a Christian gentleman, a man whose citizenship enriched the neighborhood in which he lived.

The remains were laid to rest at Lewisport on Thursday.

Mrs. Moredock goes to Louisville where she will remain for some time with her son.

William T. Moredock, March 5, 1834 – May 13, 1908.  Hannah A. Moredock, February 24, 1840 – October 21, 1909.  Lewis Cemetery, Hancock County, Kentucky.

No Will, But Other Papers for Isaac Newton Greathouse, Deceased

Isaac Newton Greathouse was the son of Harmon Greathouse III.  His grandfather was also thus named, and his great-grandfather, Herman Groethaus, was born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1676.  When this gentleman came to America, in 1710, he settled in Philadelphia, and changed his name to Harmon Greathouse.  Isaac Newton Greathouse married Elizabeth Berkeley Lewis, daughter of John Lewis and Hannah Eskridge Lewis – two early settlers who moved their family of three small children from Loudoun County, Virginia, to Louisville, Kentucky, baby Elizabeth being born there July 14, 1799.  In the fall of 1799, moving to what was then called Old Fortification Creek, then Hardin County, soon to be Breckinridge, the young family consisted of baby Elizabeth, Catherine aged seven, Eliza aged 4, and Moses Linton aged 2.

Isaac and Elizabeth were married in 1818, and in their fourteen years of married life had seven children – John L., Harmon B., Hannah Amanda, Susannah, Joseph L., John Fletcher and William Linton Greathouse.

Today I would to share with you an inventory, accounts due and bill of sale for Isaac Newton Greathouse, who died in Hancock County October 21, 1832.  At the age of 40, born in Nelson County in 1792, perhaps he thought death would be much later.  At any event, he did not leave a will.  In a case such as this, even though there is no will, there is much information to be found in the paperwork found in will books – inventories, accounts due, sale bills, dowers, guardian reports, etc.

On page 31 in Will Book 1 for Hancock County is the inventory, produced by Isaac’s brother, Rudolphus B. Greathouse. There are three pages of items, including a heifer valued at $80, a lot of corn for $100, and two slaves – Margaret and George, valued at $275 each.  Isaac Newton Greathouse was a doctor and his medical books, $22.50, and two lots of medicines valued at $34.43 ¾.  Also included are guns, horses, tools, hogs, crops, bed and bedding, etc.  The total amount of the inventory was $1,675.68 ¾.

A list of notes due Isaac Greathouse was next in the will book, page 32.  Again, his brother Rudolphus, entered the account information on January 28, 1833.  The most largest note owed was from Joseph Evans at $325.  William Linton Lewis, an uncle of Isaac Greathouse’s wife, Elizabeth Lewis, owed $239.95.  The smallest amount owed was $1.25, for a total of about $996.

The sale bill begins on page 33 of will book one.  Many of the items were purchased by the widow, Elizabeth Greathouse – gun, horse, bookcase, books, desk.  She purchased a cradle for $1.00.  Elizabeth purchased a sugar chest for $5.00 – was it like the one I have?  One yoke of oxen, fields of rye and wheat, stacks of hay, cows and calves, hogs, sheep.  Others who purchased items were neighbors, as you would expect – Samuel and Edmond Hawes, Benoni House, Henry Newman, Leonard Jones, Timothy Holmes, Holbert Henderson, James Haywood, Joseph Crisler and brother, Rudolphus Greathouse.

After Isaac’s death, Elizabeth Greathouse raised her children, and lived to just three months shy of her eightieth birthday.  Like her parents, she was made of pioneer stock and helped settle the new lands of Kentucky in the early years of the state.  She outlived her husband and all but three of her children – Harmon B. Greathouse who died in 1889, Joseph L. Greathouse who died in 1891, and William Linton Greathouse who died in 1901.

Greathouse Cemetery in Hancock County

Isaac N. Greathouse, born November 18, 1792, died October 21, 1832.  Greathouse Family Cemetery, Hancock County, Kentucky.

The Greathouse family cemetery is located on Hwy 1957, also known as Lee Henderson Road, close to where it T’s with Hwy 1605.  It is very close to the Henderson family cemetery, and both are marked with a road sign – although the cemeteries are easily visible from the road.

Isaac Newman Greathouse was born in Nelson County, Kentucky, November 18, 1792.  He was the son of Harmon Greathouse and Marcia Buche (she was also called ‘Mercy’ and her last name has been written as Bukey).  Harmon and Mercy moved from Frederick County, Maryland, to Nelson County, Kentucky.

Elizabeth B., wife of Isaac N. Greathouse, born July 14, 1799, died April 4, 1879.

Isaac Newman Greathouse married Elizabeth Berkeley Lewis in 1818.  Elizabeth was the daughter of John Lewis and his cousin, Hannah Lewis.  Hannah’s parents were William Joseph Lewis and Catherine Jennings Linton (a sister to my Captain John Linton).

Original stone for Isaac Greathouse.  To the memory of Dr. I. N. Greathouse who departed this life October 21, 1832, aged 40 years.

Hannah Amanda Linton Greathouse was a daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth.  She lived only fifteen years.

Hannah A. L. Greathouse, born April 15, 1821, died June 11, 1839.

William Linton Greathouse was a son of Isaac and Elizabeth.  He was born in 1832, either just before or after his father died.

William L. Greathouse, died July 16, 1901, aged 69 years.

Rodolphus B. Greathouse was a brother to Isaac Newman Greathouse.  He was born in 1801, probably in Nelson County, Kentucky.

In memory of Rodolphus B. Greathouse died 10 April 1838 in his 37th year.

Susannah E. Greathouse was the daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Greathouse.

Susannah E. Greathouse, died September 26, 1846, aged 21 years, 1 month and 18 days.

Isaac and Elizabeth Greathouse had four other children for whom we do not have gravestone photos.  Son John L. Greathouse was born in 1819, and died two years later.  Harmon Bukey Greathouse was born in 1822 and died 1889.  Joseph Linton Greathouse was born 1828 and died 1891.  John Fletcher Greathouse was born in 1830; in the Hancock County death records he is listed as dying November 11, 1852, in Rolls County, Missouri, of typhoid fever.  I do not know if they brought his body back to Kentucky for burial.

These photos were taken in the rain – we will return one day for sunshine and blue skies and retake!




Genealogy – Rain and Shine

Ritchey and I had a wonderful time at the Maryland to Kentucky genealogy conference in Owensboro, Kentucky, this past weekend.  On our drive, we stopped at a couple of cemeteries – even though it was raining!  We will have to return to take better photos, but Ritchey volunteered to brave the rain – dear man that he is! – and, of course, he had his geocaches to look for also!

Our goal was to visit the Greathouse and Lewis family cemeteries in Hancock County.  We found the Greathouse, where this video was taken, but not the Lewis – I feel it is at the back of a cornfield, near the river, and we couldn’t see it from River Road.  We also found the Henderson family cemetery, and visited Lewisport Cemetery.

The conference was great fun – met lots of new people and visited with old friends.  Thanks to all of you who stopped by the booth – it was so nice to see you!  I made some new discoveries, bought lots of books and maps, and sold some of my CDs.  The most fun was talking genealogy for two full days!

Sunday, before heading home, we stopped at St. Lawrence Catholic Cemetery in Daviess County.  It was a beautiful day – great for taking photos.

Happy Wedding Day – October 16th

Mercer Cty., KY Henry Green married Elizabeth Martin 16 Oct 1790
Woodford Cty., KY Robert McLaughlin married Mary Grayson 16 Oct 1790
Mercer Cty., KY John Gilbert married Catherine Sharrow 16 Oct 1792
Green Cty., KY Simeon Hunt married Betsy Rivers 16 Oct 1797
Washington Cty., KY James Manning married Elizabeth Riley 16 Oct 1797
Garrard Cty., KY John Ballinger married Hannah Jennings 16 Oct 1798
Mercer Cty., KY John Lee married Elizabeth Mitchell 16 Oct 1798
Mercer Cty., KY Ephraim Thompson married Sally Curry 16 Oct 1798
Washington Cty., KY Clement Riney married Elizabeth Gates 16 Oct 1810
Washington Cty., KY James Blair married Elizabeth Stewart 16 Oct 1815
Washington Cty., KY William Bowling married Betsy Sullivan 16 Oct 1815
Lincoln Cty., KY John Murphy married Susanna Dean 16 Oct 1815
Washington Cty., KY William W. Walker married Susanna H. Schooling 16 Oct 1821
Washington Cty., KY Peyton Simpson married Sarah McCarty 16 Oct 1822
Washington Cty., KY Lloyd Simpson married Rebecca Milburn 16 Oct 1823
Washington Cty., KY James R. Herbert married Rosanna Cambron 16 Oct 1824
Washington Cty., KY John McDonald married Margaret Frakes 16 Oct 1827
Washington Cty., KY Samuel B. Montgomery married Nancy Daugherty 16 Oct 1833
Washington Cty., KY John Whitten married Sarah Lewis 16 Oct 1833
Washington Cty., KY Charles Hungate married Sarah Coulter 16 Oct 1837
Washington Cty., KY Arthur McKenna married Dicie McElroy 16 Oct 1838
Washington Cty., KY William Sansbury married Catherine L. Clements 16 Oct 1838
Hancock Cty., KY Richard Boucher married Sarah Anderson 16 Oct 1839
Washington Cty., KY James Z. Lanham married Elizabeth McCain 16 Oct 1847
Washington Cty., KY Harrison G. Thompson married Harriett Bottoms 16 Oct 1847
Hancock Cty., KY Jonathan G. Bozarth married Susan T. Duncan 16 Oct 1848
Marion Cty., KY P. B. Hamilton married Mary Jane ?, 36, born Marion County 16 Oct 1855
Washington Cty., KY John Tewney married Paralee Peter 16 Oct 1855
Washington Cty., KY John McMullins married Sarah Ann Wilkerson 16 Oct 1856
Washington Cty., KY G. W. McMillan married Mary Eliza Coward 16 Oct 1865
Washington Cty., KY James T. Williams married Savilla Frances Goatley 16 Oct 1865
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Smith married Martha E. Seay 16 Oct 1867
Washington Cty., KY J. W. Hays married Sarah Hardesty 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY Mansen D. Hendren married Kisiah M. Lea 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY Philip Miller married Annie Mills 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY John Shields married Mary Louisa Coulter 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY Andrew Stines married Margaret Prather 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY John O. Anderson married Clarice Smith 16 Oct 1877
Washington Cty., KY Daniel Devine married America Roberts 16 Oct 1877
Washington Cty., KY Zachariah Crow married Sinia A. Toon 16 Oct 1879
Washington Cty., KY James A. Seay married Nancy A. Mays 16 Oct 1881
Washington Cty., KY John Bean married Emma Mahoney 16 Oct 1888
Washington Cty., KY Lee Cochran married Maggie Cocanougher 16 Oct 1889
Washington Cty., KY James Colvin married Margaret Moore 16 Oct 1892
Washington Cty., KY Dudley Corn married Elizabeth F. Hatchett 16 Oct 1892
Washington Cty., KY John O. Dorsey married Eliza A. Pullium 16 Oct 1892
Marion Cty., KY George Hayden married Lillie Florence Smith 16 Oct 1901

Edwin Brashear Biography

from Kentucky – A History of the State by Perrin, 1885

Hancock County

Edwin Brashear, Hancock County, was born in Breckinridge County, Kentucky, December 29, 1842, and is a son of R. A. S. and Margaret (Cox) Brashear.  The father was born in Breckinridge County about 1812.  Subject’s grandfather, Joseph Brashear, moved from Washington County to Breckinridge County, in 1806.  The great-grandfather, William Brashear, came from Maryland, and settled at the old fort at Louisville, in 1782, where he remained until killed by the Indians.   The father began life for himself as a merchant at Stephensport, and for upward of twenty years was one of the magistrates of the county.  He was a member of the Baptist Church, and died in 1859.  The mother was also a native of Breckinridge County, having been born there in 1814, and her people were natives of Virginia.  She was a member of the Baptist Church and died in 1874.  Subject was the third of a family of eight children, seven of whom are now living:  James C.; Mehitable, wife of Richard Robinson, of Jacksonport, Arkansas; Edwin; Bettie; Nannie, wife of Wilbur Sills; R. A. and Josie.  Subject began farming for himself when fifteen years of age, in Breckinridge County.  He moved to Hancock County in 1867, and settled on his present farm, where he owns about 300 acres, with about 250 acres in cultivation.  Mr. Brashear was married September 12, 1867, to Miss Jennie, daughter of George Younger, of Hancock County.  She was born in Breckinridge County in 1844, and was the mother of four children, one of whom, Minnie, is now living.  This lady died in 1875.  Subject was next married June 7, 1877, to Mrs. Bettie Bowlware, daughter of Joseph Wright, of Daviess County.  This marriage has resulted in four children, of whom three are now living:  Nannie, Nora and Lummie.  Mr. Brashear is a member of the Baptist Church.  His wife is a member of the Methodist Church.

Hancock County Kentucky Tidbits

Hancock County Kentucky Tidbits

M. H. Connor, born February 1, 1851, in Perry County, Indiana, was the son of David M. and Maria L. (Prentiss) Connor.  David M. was born in Perry County in 1829 and died in St. Louis in December 1862, as a result of the Civil War.  Maria L. was born in Petersburg, Virginia, in 1828.  David M. and Maria L. had the following children:  M. H., James P. and William A.  M. H. was married in April 1875 to Virginia Gregory, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (Sample) Gregory.  Virginia was born in Pennsylvania in 1851.  The children of this marriage were:  James H., William G. and Austin.

Robert E. Duncan was born January 22, 1846, in Daviess County, Kentucky, the son of John G. and Sarah (Head) Duncan.  The great-grandfather, John Duncan, came to Nelson County, Kentucky, from Virginia.  the grandfather, Robert Duncan, moved to Daviess County where he died in 1830.  John G. was born in Nelson County in 1802.  He died in 1878.  Sarah Head was the daughter of Henry Head of Daviess County.  She died in 1844 or 1845.  John G. and Sarah had the following children:  Mary J., Thomas K., R. E. and C. T.  Robert E. Duncan married in 1876 to Adelia Hannan of Cincinnati, Ohio.  A child, Genevieve, was born August 22, 1878.

James Freeman, born January 23, 1842, in Spencer County, Kentucky, a son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Bennett) Freeman.  Nathan was born July 12, 1811, in Spencer County.  He came to Hancock County in 1849.  Elizabeth Bennett was born in Spencer County in 1816, and died in Hancock County about 1860.  The children of Nathan and Elizabeth were:  Joshua, Amos, James, John R., Marcus, Sarah A. (wife of Taylor Chambers), Louisa (wife of Silas Warner) and Joseph B.  James Freeman was married December 28, 1865, to Nannie A. Miller, daughter of William B. Miller.  She was born December 2, 1842.  The child of this married is Mary M., wife of Harvey L. Myers.  James Freeman is a Baptist, his wife is Methodist.

William J. Gabbert, born December 12, 1856, in Hancock County was the son of Eli E. Gabbert who was born in Kentucky.

Dr. Isaac N. Greathouse, born about 1792 in Nelson County, Kentucky, was the son of Harmon Greathouse, a native of Pennsylvania.  Isaac N. married Elizabeth Lewis.  She was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, in 1799, the daughter of John and Hannah Lewis.  They moved to Hancock County the year that Elizabeth was born.  Dr. Isaac Greathouse died in Hancock County in 1832.  Elizabeth died in 1879.  Their children were:  H. B., J. L. and William L.  Harmon B. Greathouse was born May 2, 1822, in Troy, Indiana.  He came to Hancock County in 1859.  He married February 10, 1840, to Martha R. Haywood, daughter of James and Catherine (Lewis) Haywod, natives of Henry County, Kentucky.  Martha R. was born in Daviess County in November 1827.  The children of Harmon B. and Martha R. were:  Catherine E. (wife of Milton C. Tracy), Martha H. (wife of Thomas L. Henderson) and Isaac N.  Martha R. died September 29, 1862.  Harmon married, secondly, on December 1, 1868, Martha E. Haywood, daughter of George Haywood.  Martha E. was born in Clark County, Missouri, in 1830.  She died in September 1878.

J. L. Greathouse, born March 17, 1828, in Hancock County, was married January 1, 1855, to Miss S. C. Smith, daughter of Michael and Sarah (Scott) Smith, natives of Virginia.  S. C. Smith was born in Henry County, Kentucky, in 1836.  The children of J. L. and S. C. were:  Nicholas J., Sarah (wife of Stephen Emich), Susan (wife of Rufus Neel), Almenda O. (wife of William Roberts), Laura Cooper, Vinson, Clark and Fannie Lou.