Family Stories

Three Little Carricos

Robert, Rueben and Beulah Carrico

This is a picture of my mother’s three oldest siblings.  Robert, the oldest, sitting in the chair with his baby sister, was born 18 Sep 1921.  When World War II broke out he was called into service.  He was killed by friendly fire in Sicily, Italy, 14 Sep 1944, and is buried there.  He received a purple heart for his service to his country.  Robert looks so sad in this picture.  Mom remembers him as a very handsome man, going off to war – he was ten years older, making him about 18 at the time.

Rueben, sitting on the arm of the chair, was born in 1922.  He died of appendicitis 25 Apr 1932 – my mother was only a year old at the time and doesn’t remember Rueben.  My grandmother said a few weeks before he died he came down one morning and said Jesus had come and sat on his bed and talked to him that night.  At the time she didn’t think anything of it, but after his death took it as a premonition.

Of the three, Beulah looks a little more mischievous than the other two.  Look at her cute little toes!  She was born 11 Jun 1924.  Beulah married and had eleven children.  She was an excellent cook – guess you would have to be with that large a family!  Mom loved her potato salad – and her cakes!  I especially remember her laugh!  She celebrated her 87th birthday earlier this month!

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  1. What beautiful children! And what a sad story that two of them died so early in life. There were so many diseases in those days; so many children died young.

    I smiled when I read that your mother loved her sister’s potato salad; that reminded me of my mom: hers was the best!

    Thanks for sharing this adorable picture and the sad story about your mom’s two brothers.

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