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Samuel Barker Davis, Pension Application

Note by Phyllis Brown:  The Captain John Linton mentioned in this application is my 4th great-grandfather.

From Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications by John Frederick Dorman

Samuel Barker Davis, February 2, 1833, Hampshire County, Virginia

Samuel Barker Davis, Senior, of said county, aged about 75, declares he volunteered in Fairfax County, Virginia, on 18 July 1775, when there were no regular organized companies of militia, under Captain James Renn, whom the company chose as their commander, and served until 1 September following in defense of the town of Alexandria from the threatened attacks of Lord Dunmore, then in the Potomac River, but he was in no engagement.  Captain Conway frequently superintended the garrison or work at Alexandria during this term of service.

He was again called into service as a volunteer (private) at the request of General Washington to his own county for volunteers and left home on 23 August 1777 under Captain Thomas Pollard and marched from Alexandria in Fairfax County by way of Georgetown and Fredericktown, Maryland, Yorktown, Lancaster and Reading, and joined the main army under General Washington on their retreat from the battle of Germantown on the afternoon of the same day, 4 October 1777, and was attached to General Scott’s brigade under General Scott and Colonel Romney of Alexandria until 23 November.  He reached his home in Fairfax county on the last day of November 1777.

He was called into service from Loudoun County, Virginia, as a private (militia) under Captain John Linton and they commenced their march from the place of rendezvous in Loudoun County on 13 July 1781 and marched by way of Fredericksburg and Richmond and joined the army under General Lafayette on the James River below Richmond on 26 July 1781 and were attached to Muhlenburg’s brigade under Colonel Meriwether and Major Hardiman and served until 26 September 1781 when the company was discharged between Williamsburg and Little York.  He reached his home in Loudoun County on 1 or 2 October 1781.

He was born in Charles County, Maryland, and removed to Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1769 or 1770 and resided there until 1778.  He then moved to Loudoun County, Virginia, and remained there until 1785, then removed to Prince William County, Virginia, and remained there until 1787 and then removed to Hampshire County, Virginia.  He was known by the name of Samuel Davis in his juvenile days and his name was thus written on muster rolls and various other instruments of writing, but having himself learned to write about the year 1810 and recollecting that his father told him that at his baptism he was called Samuel Barker, he has ever since written his name Samuel B. Davis.  [Sworn before Reuben Davis, J.P.]

26 Feb 1852.  Hampshire County, Virginia.  Ann Davis of said county, aged 58, declares she is the widow of Samuel B. Davis.  She was married 7 Dec 1814.  Her husband died 16 April 1840.

7 Dec 1814.  Hampshire County, Virginia.  Samuel B. Davis and Ann Bogle were married by the Rev. John Johnson.

10 May 1853.  John B. White writes from Romney that Ann Davis is very poor and has a family to support.

27 Jun 1853.  Hampshire County, Virginia.  Ann Davis of said county, aged 59, declares she was married to Samuel B. Davis 7 Dec 1814 and her husband died 14 Apr 1840.

1 Aug 1855.  Hampshire County, Virginia.  Ann Davis declares she is the widow of Samuel B. Davis.  She was married 7 Dec 1814 by John Johnson, M. G., and her name was Ann Bogle.  She applies for bounty land.

3 Apr 1858.  Hampshire County, Virginia.  Ann Davis declares her pension certificate was lost in the fall or winter of 1857 in Hampshire County, Virginia.

Samuel B. Davis of Hampshire County, Virginia, private in the company of Captain Renn in the Virginia line for six months and 25 days, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $22.77 per annum under the Act of 1832.  Certificate 6285 was issued 27 Feb 1833.

Ann Davis, widow of Samuel B. Davis, private in the Virginia line, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $22.77 per annum.  Certificate 231 under the Act of 1853 was issued 6 Oct 1853.  Bounty land warrant 34532 for 160 acres was issued 14 Jul 1856.

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  1. Thank you very much for the info on Samuel Barker Davis, my ggggg-grandfather. I gleaned some important dates from your posting.

    I cannot find evidence that Samuel and Rebecca Bussey were the parents of Jesse Davis (1786 – 1840) who married Cecil Moore (1789 – 1860-70) who were the parents of Jesse Saunders Davis (1816 – 1838) and Chloe Zuriah Davis (1818 – 1899).

    Samuel & Rebecca also had Clarissa, Hezekiah, Joseph W., Samuel Barker, Jr., Nancy, Fielding, and Rebecca.

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