Louis Benjamin Linton & Myrtle Jennings

Louis Benjamin Linton and Myrtle Jennings were married December 29, 1943, in Logan County, Kentucky.  Louis was the son of Thomas Alvey Linton and Susan Mary Duncan.  He was a great-grandson of Benjamin Franklin Linton and Lucy Crewdson who were born and married in Virginia before coming to Kentucky.  Louis was one of five children:  his siblings were George Browder, Daniel Duncan, Thomas Alvey and Mattie Mae Linton.  He and his only sister, Mattie, lived together for many years after their parents death, until Louis married Myrtle Jennings.  The three lived together until they died – all three buried close together in Maple Grove Cemetery in Russellville, Kentucky – Logan County.  Louis and Myrtle married too late in life to have children.  He was passionate about genealogy research and corresponded with several of his cousins, trying to find the pieces of the family puzzle.  I have several of his letters that were sent to my great-grandmother, Frances Barber Linton Montgomery, and to Hugh Walter Linton.  He was quite the character and seemed to enjoy life to its fullest.

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  1. “Uncle Louis” was my great-uncle; Thomas A. Linton II was my grandfather. I’m curious about the “Alvey” middle name. My father was Thomas Alaney Linton, and I was always curious as to where that name came from. You are quite correct about Louis being quite the character; I have many of his letters, and that trait definitely comes through.

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