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Lieutenant Lancelot Warfield

from Anne Arundel Gentry – A Genealogical History of Some Early Families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Lancelot Warfield, son of Richard Warfield of Brandy, and Sarah Gaither, his wife, was born in Queen Caroline Parish.  By the will of his father in 1752 he received jointly with his brother, Richard, one-half of “Brandy”.  His uncle, William Gaither, dying without issue in 1782 willed him “Turkey Neck” and the mill seat.

He married first, according to the Warfield mss, Polly Robertson.

Children of Lancelot and Polly (Robertson) Warfield

  1. Charles Warfield married ? Sewell
  2. Lancelot Warfield married Polly Warfield
  3. Lemuel Warfield, settle at St. Bartholomew, British West Indies, became a British subject, and died without issue 1820.
  4. Sarah Warfield

After the death of his first wife he married Rachel Marriott, according to license issued in Anne Arundel on January 1, 1783.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Davis) Marriott.

Children of Lancelot and Rachel (Marriott) Warfield

  1. Evan Warfield, died at Havana, October 15, 1803, in his 19th year
  2. John Warfield
  3. Allen Warfield
  4. Rachel Warfield

On February 22, 1776, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant of the militia of Anne Arundel County, and on January 28, 1777, he was advanced to the First Lieutenant of the Severn Battalion.

His last will and testament, dated February 11, 1804, was probated in Anne Arundel County, on May 8, 1804, with Joshua Marriott, Jr., Joshua Sappington and Joseph Marriott as witnesses.

To son Lancelot the dwelling plantation being a portion of “Brandy”, and 320 acres of “Mary’s Alottment”, and he was to pay his brother, John Warfield, $1000 and his brother Allen Warfield $1000.

To son Lemuel Warfield $1000.

To daughter Sarah Warfield the residue of “Mary’s Alottment” or 150 acres adjoining the land of Caleb Sappington and negroes.

Residuary estate to children, Lancelot, Lemuel, Sarah, John, Allen and Rachel.

His personal estate was inventoried on June 19, 1804, and appraised at $5,405.22, including 27 negro slaves.

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  1. I am a descendent of Lancelot Warfield, and I found this article interesting. According to some documentation that a cousin gave me, Sarah “Sally” Warfield was the daughter of Lancelot and Rachel Marriott, his second wife. In constrast, this article places her as the daughter of Polly Robertson. How can her lineage be ascertained?

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