Family Stories

Jacob Vaught Rhoads and Elizabeth Linton Rhoads

Jacob Vaught Rhoads and Elizabeth Linton were married March 19, 1839, in Logan County, Kentucky.  Jacob was born in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky, April 2, 1812.  Elizabeth was born in Breckinridge County, Kentucky, August 11, 1817.  She was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Linton and Lucy Crewdson.  Their journey began in Virginia, coming to Kentucky in the very early years of the 19th century.

Jacob and Elizabeth had a large family – 11 children – Louis Stephens, Benjamin Linton, Lucy Ann, Elizabeth Sarah, Mary Susan, Millie Mason, David Crewdson, Moses Linton, Barnabas Gilbert, Millie M. and Delia Forest Rhoads.  They lived together for 46 years.  They died in 1895, within a couple of months of each other – Jacob on March 24th and Elizabeth, May 31st.  They are buried on their farm at McLeod’s Station in Logan County.

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