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Belfast, Waldo County, Maine – Marriages

Belfast, Waldo County, Maine – Marriages

Agnes Allen and William Webb married January 21, 1854

Andrew L. Allen of Ellsworth and Harriet S. Edwards married June 28, 1848.

Asher l. Allen of E. Boston, Massachusetts, and Emily F. Howe of E. Boston, Massachusetts, married August 11, 1855.

Charles S. Allen, 25, seaman, of St. George, son of Daniel, seaman, and Hannah (both born St. George), married Mary E. Young, 22, factory operative, daughter of John, ship carpenter (born Mt. Desert) and Patience (b. Charlestown, Massachusetts) December 20, 1864.

Clementine E. Allen of Fayette and L. W. Howes, Esquire, married May 3, 1851.

Edna J. Allen married George W. Madden of Greenfield, May 6, 1889, in Monroe.

Eliza Allen of Swanville and Stephen Stickney of Swanville, married May 1, 1832.

Mrs. Harriet S. Allen, widow, 40, and Captain R. E. Patterson, widower, 47, master mariner, of Searsport, married February 6, 1866.

Porter S. Allen, merchant, of Boston, and Kate J. Poor, married February 15, 1871.

Rebecca Allen of Montville and C. Selden Rogers, married January 31, 1835.

Sally Allen of Swanville and Ephraim Knowlton, Jr., of Swanville, married September 23, 1839.

William Allen, Jr., and Charlotte Elwell, of Northpoint, married August 27, 1809.

Rufus B. Allen, Esquire, and Rebecca P. Upton of Washington City, married September 19, 1840.

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