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Today In Genealogy History – May 21, 2012

Captain Burr Harrison was born 313 years ago – May 21, 1699 – in Stafford County, Virginia.  Burr was the son of Colonel Thomas Harrison and Seth Elizabeth Short.  He married Anne Barnes in Port Tobacco, Maryland.  Burr and Anne had 10 children:  Thomas, Jane, Seth, Elizabeth, Burr, Anne, Matthew, Sarah, George and Cuthbert Harrison.

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  1. Phyllis, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a wonderful historical site for other family members to view and support. My grandmother was a Moran and was directly related to the Henry E Moran that you are also related to. I appreciate it so much the information that you have worked so hard to gather for each of us, your long lost cousins. I am a decendent from the Henry E Moran that ended up in St Clair Co Mo. I have lots of information that I would love to share if I can ever learn how to use a scanner. I am planning on going to the cemeteries this coming week-end visiting with other cousins. I wish that you could be there as we will probably take the scenic route tracing the orginial home stead. One of the owners of the orginial home has offered for us to walk the property. Is there any special place that you would like pictures taken for your web site or your family book? Do you by any chance happen to know where Henry E is buried? Nancy, his wife, is buried in the Landacher Cemetery not far from the home place. My grandmother, his great granddaughter, used to teach school at the Landacher School before a tornado blew it away in the early
    1900’s. The bridge that used to be the Brown Ford bridge was named after the Brown’s, Nancy’s family. My dad and his grandfather, Henry L Moran were working the hay field when it collasped. Dad says that he and his grandfather got in their horse drawn wagon and hurried to the bridge only to find it at the bottom of the river. We have a Moran reunion each fall at the Boy Scout building near Lowry City if you can attend, we would love to meet you and share stories. Any of your CD’s have anymore information on the Moran’s? I would love to buy each of them if they do.
    Take care and again thank you so much for sharing!
    Your long lost cousin,

    • Joy, thank you so much! I love to provide families with information on their ancestors – it is my goal in life! Any pictures you find of gravestones – or anything about the family – would be of interest to me! I would love to come to your Moran reunion – do you have a particular date set each year (example, first Sunday in June)? And where exactly is the reunion held? The marriage CD for Washington County, Kentucky, that I am working on now has Moran information – it will be ready later in the year. I’ll check the other CDs. Enjoy the reunion – and let me know about the interesting things you find out!

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