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Today In Genealogy History – July 28, 2012

Lazarus Long was born 193 years ago – July 28, 1819 – in Maryland.  Lazarus married Elizabeth Bryan May 9, 1843, in Marion County, Kentucky.  The family continued their trek west living in Hancock County and eventually Daviess County, Kentucky.  Lazarus and Elizabeth had at least 1 son – Lazarus Monroe Long.

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  1. Is Elizabeth Bryan the same as Elizabeth A. O’Bryan with the following parents? Descendants of William M. O’Bryan, Sr.

    1 [1] William M. O’BRYAN, Sr. b: 02 Jun 1763 d: 14 Aug 1848 85 years old
    .. +Sarah (Pagett) PADGETT, 1W b: 1768 m: 16 Jan 1787 d: 02 Mar 1812 Holy Cross, KY,

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