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Today In Genealogy History – September 26, 2012

Wedding Bells Ring!

The following marriages took place in Washington County, Kentucky, all on September 26th of the year listed:

John Lawrence married Mary Weaver 1799
Richard Slack married Mary B. Barlow 1812
James Jarboe married Teresa Mattingly 1816
Isaac Pearce married Elizabeth Drain 1820
Sylvester Cissell married Hendrick Medley 1825
Charles Gribbins married Mary Abell 1828
Aaron Cunningham married Nanny Tharp 1829
Thomas Powell married Sarah S. Watts 1836
Richard Seay married Susan Mattingly 1837
William Gist married Elizabeth Bishop 1844
James F. Rinehart married Ann C. Hardin 1848
Benedict Wheatley married Harriet Roby 1848
Henry C. Baker married Mary Ann Franey 1851
Thomas Devine married Sally Ann McMannis 1856
Sidney Perkins married Mary E. Derringer 1861
William H. Vandivier married Mary E. Gritton 1866
William T. Montgomery married Mattie Yankey 1867
James Hickerson married Sarah E. Hall 1871
Hardin Corneal married Cassy Edelen 1878
John C. B. Scrogham married Maranda A. Brown 1878
William D. Hilbert married Manerva Daniel 1880
John Riley, Jr., married Arty J. Perkins 1880
John T. Whitlock married Emeline Spratt 1883
A. J. Sims married Nancy Isham 1885
Stephen W. Freeman married Laura A. Hays 1887
William G. Boblett married Martha J. Piles 1888
John H. Walker married Josie Howe 1888
John Foster married Arnetta Riley 1889
Ben Moore married Rosa Lee 1889
Andrew Paddock married Sallie Coleman 1890

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